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Not for the faint hearted…. Sex at the extreme…

I watched a programme, I would say over a month ago on channel 4 ‘Love for sale with Rupert Everett.’ Did anyone else manage to watch this?

It is said that only ten percent of British men admit to having used a prostitute. What does that tell us about male honesty?

In the documentary Rupert Everett explores the motivations of the men who use prostitutes, meeting self-confessed sex addicts, as well as a married man who enjoys sexual role-play with a dominatrix, and a divorced transgender father whose experiences with his ‘straight’ male clients cast a fascinating light on the sexuality of some British men. He also encounters a successful businessman who claims to have spent £150,000 on massage parlour prostitutes in two years, and a happily married man who says his prostitute use enhances rather than damages his marriage.

Now when it comes to sex and trying different things, I am very open minded. But I have to say I was a little horrified at, shall we say one of the crazes that goes on in the sex world. I am now going to mention something that may put you off toast for life! So throughout the programme Rupert Everett met numerous people discussing what they do or do not do. Whether it was doing it over a web cam or meeting in person. I mean what a kind of business to have. Then he is introduced to what I would say was a fairly normal middle aged lady, her house looked very nice in the background and I know why.

She runs a business where she meets clients and has her wicked way with them. Anything from BDSM to ‘normal’ sex as we say, anything goes really depending on what the male wants. If you can think of it she did it. The documentary then shows us around her home to what can be described as a little dungeon of sex toys. Things like nipple claps, PVC clothing, bondage, whips, chains, and lots of different spanking implements. Christen Grey would have had a field day in there.

I haven’t got to the best bit yet or actually not the best bit but the worst. They are sat chatting and she goes on to say how some males like her to send them her poo! Yes you are reading this right. She sends her poo by Royal mail to her clients. And that’s not it, she will write a little note of what she wants them to do with her poo and I quote “One note, I told them to make some toast and spread my poo over it and eat it.” I am sure a lot of you are gagging right now.

Now I am all for exploring things but really why some men would enjoy and pay to eat someone else’s poo?!!? It’s just far too weird for me and quite disgusting. There you have it some man right now could be eating his mistresses poo!

On that note… (Goes and throws all bread in the bin)


  • hphillips@manx.net says:

    I’m all up for a bit of experimenting and spicing things up when it’s needed but eating fecies? Really? That’s just wrong on so many levels! I’d probably have a vindaloo and take some laxatives first if someone asked to do that with me, just to teach them a lesson. What’s sexy about that? !

  • I think it’s important for people to have safe forums in which to explore their desires, no matter how strange. Whilst I personally don’t understand things like coprophilia (eating faeces), the idea that a person can so easily use the internet to find people with similar desires these days, is a positive thing I think. The alternative is spending a lifetime worrying about whether you’re ‘abnormal.’ If you’re a fully consenting adult and your desires don’t intrude on the freedoms or safety of anybody else – be as deviant as makes you happy, I say. It takes all kinds…

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