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Face your fear

Now readers, this is a real case and though it does not ask for sympathy, it happened when I was about 22 and staying with a friend. Lets call her Bridget. She lived in South London. We were sat talking late at night, when there was a knock at the door, followed by a loud banging noise as her ex-boyfriend kicked open the door. Bridget took the kids and ran upstairs to safety. Her ex had come to kidnap her son.

I picked up a plank of wood, but he entered with two men who were all fully tooled up. Frantic, my friend ran back down the stairs and picked up a weapon. Together, we fended them off. After ten minutes it ended and we pushed them out of the door. She came away with a few bruises and the police arrived over an hour later. Still shaken, we gave statements while the kids were safe upstairs. We put it all behind us.

As Frankly D Roosevelt said,“the only thing we have to fear is life itself”.

Fear can be defined as ‘an unpleasant emotion by exposure to danger,’ so face your fear. Now, my biggest fear now is falling on ice, so I make myself walk on it to face my fear. I am also scared of long escalators, so I go on one whenever I go to London, again, to overcome my fear. If you let fear rule your life you would not do anything at all, so get up and face it.

The thing is, fear can stop you from doing things you want, so don’t ask for sympathy, just try to step up and face it. It takes a strong person to admit their fears,  even though they may be irrational, but a friend’s support will always see you through and show you that you had the strength you needed all along. Look to see all the different help available to overcome your specific fear and before you know it, you will be standing firmer and stronger than ever before.


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