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Face Lace

If you see yourself as an adventurous beauty addict. Which I like to think that I am. Then Face Lace is the new exciting fashion must have. Founded by Phyllis Cohen.

Phyllis Cohen is a make up artist who is famous for her bold designs and eccentric fashion feats. Some of her best work dates back to the 80’s. This is when she first crafted make-up appliqués out of latex, fabric, beads and rhinestones which have been the inspiration behind Face Lace.

Face Lace is a non-fade, non-smudge range of ready-to-wear make up designs. It applies in less than a minute, peel off – stick it on – out the door – show off!

www.face-lace.com is the official website. But there are various other sites you can purchase these from.

Perfect for the festival season, or a themed night out.


I am looking forward to mine arriving next week. I will keep you all posted.



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