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Some extremely annoying misconceptions about being a stay at home mum:

Yes, I am a stay at home mum to two kids and yes, it really is none of your business whether I get bored or not, or whether my husband is loaded and I don’t need to work. I get asked the same questions over and over, generally most are a huge misconception of what I do and most seem to carry a huge stigma towards all stay at home mums. I am actually a stay at home mum because I want to be, I love it!

So, what exactly do you do all day? I’d get bored:
Seriously? Bored? There is no time to get bored, not with a baby or toddler about. They constantly need someone to keep an eye on them if I am not playing with them or tickling them to cheer them up. When I get asked this question, I just want to say, ‘Oh, yeah, sure I get bored, in between all the ironing, cleaning, bottom wiping, school collecting, dinner making…’ And that’s just what I do to look after my husband! (Joking!)

I bet you’d love a real job:
Stop there! A real job? I am fairly sure that looking after and raising the next generation counts as a real job. It’s a good day if I get to chew my food, or actually eat sitting down,but hey, I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I admire those mums who go out and work and then come home to their kids, but me personally, I want to be there for their first word or first step, not be told that it happened by my child’s carer.

Your house is a tip you must sit on your bum all day:
Really, how rude?! For starters kids toys and mess are the making of their memories, plus I sit down for a couple of hours in the day to write, that’s it – I’m not watching telly all day. My house constantly looks like a hurricane has passed through it, even though I clean it over 4 times a day. Scrubbing the floor, while chasing after your two year old is hard work.

At the end of the day, I love staying at home with my kids. Yes, it is hard work and very demanding and I can never call in sick. Yes, true I don’t get paid a single penny for doing it either, but they are only young once and there is plenty of time for me to go out and work when they are grown, plus, I get paid in the best currency of all – hugs and kisses.


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