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Does every mum crave a pink bundle?

It can’t just be the allure of a shopping buddy and someone to swap clothes with, can it? Whatever it is, something is causing girl babies to become more popular than ever.

American fertility clinics are reporting that 80 per cent of British couples are specifically requesting female embryos. For non-medical reasons gender selection not only a controversial subject but is illegal in the UK under the 1990 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act. So why are more and more couples going abroad to guarantee a pink bundle? From a young age children’s books and fairytales seem to precondition the ‘perfect family’ image which usually shows one girl and one boy child. I can’t help wondering if is part of the reason we feel we need to use gender selection IVF is because we feel we’ve failed to create the perfect unit if we have more than one child of the same sex.

Dr Daniel Potter, runs a large fertility clinic in America and has delivered 750 babies to UK mothers since 1997. Costing £7,600 for the treatment he sees around ten patients a month from the UK. He has reported that 80 per cent of parents opt for a girl, with only 20 per cent a boy. After my two boys I thought I was doomed to be surrounded by trains, cars and mud with nothing pink in sight. However, I finally got my princess and it is only after getting a little girl that I feel my family is complete. Are others searching for the feeling of completeness? Or is that Mum’s can relate easier to their little girls? The opportunity to braid hair, dress up and take their little princess to dance or ballet classes.

Boys do seem much harder work at toddler age. They have more energy, are boisterous and noisy and whilst I’m sure some little girls are the same it seems more common with boys. Girls are generally more relaxed and laid back and will happily colour a picture or watch a movie. Meanwhile their brother could be found hanging upside down off the sofa covered from head to toe in mud. Whilst every mother might secretly wants a baby girl, should we be able to choose whether or not we do? A lot of the excitement when you first get that positive pregnancy test is the excitement of not knowing. Choosing boy and girl names and whether you choose to find out the sex at the scan or wait until the big day. Isn’t part of the joy, the not knowing?

I can’t help thinking this is designer baby – gone too far.


  • Thank you Nicky…I had NO idea that infant girls were outnumbering the boys on parents’ wish lists. I’m one of the minority- I truly hoped for a boy and was thrilled when my son was born. I had taught in a Montessori school when I was younger and felt that I related to the little guys well. Hmm? Go figure…

  • Nicky Nicky says:

    Hi Kathleen… I had two boys before finally getting my little lady. I obviously love all my children equally but I personally felt incomplete until I had my little girl. Although I think I would have felt the same had I not been blessed with boys too.
    How old is your little boy? Boys are so loving… I love my hugs.

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