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Have you ever done an interview on yourself?

Over the past few months I started to notice that all I was doing was asking how other people were, what other people had been up to, listening to other people’s problems, then it came to me, it’s so simple to ask other people so why can’t I ask myself.

How am I? What do I want to do? What are my problems? I wrote these questions down, and a few more, and with a different coloured pen I answered them all. I was surprised at what I read. I had always managed to block out my own thoughts and feelings around other people as I like putting the focus on making someone else happy instead of thinking of little old me. Re-reading what I’d written I saw that I had amazing goals for myself, but I was also extremely unhappy and didn’t believe I could reach them, I was scared at the prospect that I could write I was unhappy but couldn’t say it and I panicked thinking I’ll never achieve these goals if I don’t open up to people and I don’t say how I really feel, but then I just thought they wouldn’t listen to me anyway, why should they, but I know why they should, they should because I am only human and everyone has worries and everyone has the right to be listened too. This was a massive reality check for me and from that I started telling people I was worried, scared, and they helped me and didn’t shun me like my mind was telling me they would.

Since doing the interview on myself, I have been more aware of people hiding behind asking people questions they should really take the time to be answering their self.

So I ask you all, make some spare time for you and do an interview on yourself, if you can’t be honest with yourself, who can you be honest to?


  • Audrey Audrey says:

    I once asked my Facebook friends to ask me some questions. But that started off sensible and then got a bit silly. I could imagine if I asked myself questions, my answers would be silly. Mostly because at a guess my questions would be daft to begin with.

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