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Until The End

 Sometimes it’s important to remind the one you love just how much you care about them. And lately I’ve felt like I haven’t shown him just how much he means to me, so here is my love note.

Before I met you I don’t think

I’d found the truth in me.

But just one glance from you and I fell

Right onto my knees.

Before I met you I don’t think

I’d lived without a mask.

A veil to hide the real me,

And who I really was.

You let me be the stupid-head

That deep down I know I am.

Make jokes that are not funny,

And be a down-right ham.

I know I can be grumpy

The most at break of day.

But you know it won’t last for long

When you are in the fray.

You can sense http://laparkan.com/buy-tadalafil/ when I am pissed off.

You know when’s the best time to avoid

Talks of laundry, dirty plates and cups.

It just makes me more annoyed.

And when it comes to the time o’month

When that “guest” does come to stay.

You bring me all the chocolate

To keep those grumps at bay.

And I’m so sorry for all those times

When I don’t appreciate.

All the things you do for me.

And all you love (which is really great!)

You see right through the madness.

You see the real me.

And I love you more than you’ll ever know.

With you I’m meant to be.

For you are not just my lover,

Nor are you just my friend.

You are my one true soul mate

Who I’ll love until the end.


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