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Embrace Your Inner Man (Not Literally)

Trends evolve rapidly and things slip in and out of fashion every few years according to what struts down the catwalk and what the youth of the world takes a fickle liking to. For instance, dungarees are back but flares are a crime, ankle socks that haven’t been cool since primary school are now à la mode and if you accidentally trip and fall into a Juicy tracksuit you shall be shunned (rightfully). Indeed, the capricious eye of fashion is restless, and has cast a glance in a direction usually avoided: men’s fashion.

Lumberjack chic is in and girly girls are out, so give your pearls to your nan and get down to the men’s section. Remember, loose clothes are also in – wear oversized tops as tee-dresses or tuck a gigantic shirt into a high skirt and prepare to look so damn hot that your hoard of admirers will need oven mitts.

Dr Martens are no longer associated with the goth community, which plagued me as an angsty teen, even though hipsters will swear up and down that they’ve always worn them. They, along with Timberland boots and just general rugged worker boots are popular right now, perhaps because, when paired with skinny jeans, make your legs look thinner in comparison. Balance it out with a couple of woven bracelets and a loose hairstyle; you’ll look awesome without having a horrifically tight dress slowly fracturing your ribcage or a permanent wedgie.

Chequered shirts have been going strong for a while now but they still deserve a mention. They’re either worn fastened right to the top with a collar or open over another top, often with the sleeves rolled up. Either way looks effortlessly cool – any other type of cool makes you look like you’re trying too hard. Throw on a beanie and you’ll look like you were raised by trendy people, when in fact your parents look like Richard and Judy. But not in the summer. Take it off you fashionable miscreant, it’s 20 degrees.

Another trend that steers away from the feminine look is piercings, ear stretchers, tattoos and colourfully dyed hair. People are becoming more accepting of each other and so the adventurous people are looking for new and creative ways to push the boundaries and stand out in a society where nothing is weird. As long as you don’t change yourself (especially not in a permanent way) just to be different, it can look amazing.

The ideal is that the way you look matches your personality, no matter what trends come around.


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