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Embarrassing work woes

I’m sure that all of you have some embarrassing work stories, but when you work in a professional kitchen, things can go pretty wrong sometimes…

In this article you will read a few embarrassing stories that happened through the space of time that I have been there and it could be pretty interesting for those that need a to be a little enlightened…

1) After a long first shift I decided to take my jacket off before I got to the changing rooms and you can imagine, I realised what I was doing and had to stop myself before it was too late (yes, this is true).

2) I decided to finish a job before work finished and as stupidly as this sounds, I made the biggest mistake that changed the way I thought and it actually woke me up and made me a better chef, better sooner than later, I say… Well anyway, I decided to place the strawberry jelly on top of the oat cookie instead of on top of the finished cheesecake with the cream cheese mix… Yes this caused a huge STIR and it didn’t go down well amongst my colleagues.

3) This occurs on a daily basis, but when topping up the kitchen, I decided to ram myself in the ribs a few times trying to miss the corners of the kitchen. I was carrying the tray close to me and didn’t estimate the closeness of the wall and yes it went straight into my rib causing a huge bruise and winding myself in the process too.

4) I never usually hurt myself when working but it always seems to be when I’m preparing staff food and always when I’m working with the fruits. I cut myself, no other fruit cutting times have seen me do this, only when it’s for staff. You can imagine my thumb, middle finger and my pinky, snipped and bleeding to death (almost)…

5) Calling my colleagues and others outside the pastry section by completely different names and sometimes in different languages and of course, I pretended I was talking to myself or that I didn’t say anything and made them look crazy haha.

6) The first few weeks of working, on my journey to and from home, I used to trip and fall straight down on my face, causing so many bruises and cuts to my hands and knees. Yes it was painful but if you saw the motion I did it in, you would probably laugh. Thankfully there was no one around at the time and I could keep those memories all to myself.

7) This one beats most. When working in the kitchen, you’ve got to be so careful and aware of your surroundings. There are tens of people walking past and through your section, sometimes with heavy objects, hot water, steamers… so knowing that, it became ingrained in my brain, outside of work. I started to use those work phrases wherever I was… I was once in a supermarket and every time I passed someone I would say “behind”, “coming through” or the worst which was “toraimas”, which means (coming through in Japanese apparently) and the look of the people’s faces around me were pretty hilarious. I just ignored and pretended it was normal but had to laugh hysterically once I was alone…

Those are just some stories and as I go along, I’m sure that I will do some more embarrassing things. These things are not advised in a kitchen, as I’m just learning and can’t be doing mistakes like that, but from the silly things that I have done, I have learnt a lot and I am glad that they happened now rather than later. Sometimes mistakes in life can make you learn and teach yourself better ways to approach or do things, but make sure, you don’t do something that’s unchangeable!


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