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Dry and sensitive skin?

Suffering with dry and/or flaky skin is bad enough. Having dry AND sensitive is even more trouble because you aren’t able to use certain moisturisers to help as they flare your skin up! Choosing the right products is difficult, so I’ve created this post to see if I can help others out too. I suffer with dry skin which goes all flaky in the winter and I am pale, with really sensitive skin that goes red easily. So here’s my typical beauty regime:

When I was a teen, I suffered with mild acne. I found that when I used Clearasil it just irritated my skin even more! So ever since, to cleanse my face at night I use either wet wipes, Superdrug’s own brand cleansing wipes for sensitive skin or Simple’s cleansing wipes.

In the shower, my favourite products to use are Lush Snow Fairy shower gel, Original Source Mint shower gel and Radox shower creams. This is purely because they smell nice, but I cannot use them on my face as they are too rich.

The two products I use on my face are Clinique’s Mild Facial Soap and Simple’s Gentle Exfoliator.

Clinique products are great for sensitive skin and they specialise in helping specific skin problems. I like this soap because it has a slight fragrance and washes my face well without it feeling too harmful on my skin. It is a bit pricey at £16 but worth it if you want nice clean skin. They do have smaller versions, cheaper, if you wanted to give it a try.

Now I use this product once or twice a week. This is because it exfoliates the skin on my face, allowing the dead skin to come to the surface to be removed. I recommend using this one at night so it gives the skin time to recover. This is a nice, cheap product, about £3 but I’ve only seen it in a small bottle. However, if you’re only using it once a week then it should last quite a while anyway.

Now, if you’re like me, especially in the winter, you enjoy a nice hot shower. This is a trigger for dry skin but I can’t let myself compromise by having a luke warm shower! Instead, I splash my face with cold water straight afterwards to close my pores and moisturise after that. At night, I apply Nivea Sensitive Night Cream. On average it costs about £4 but I purchase it when its on sale for about £2.50.

In the morning, if the heating has been on, I feel like this is when my skin is most troubled. For a while I tried everything, the night routine helped a bit but not enough. I used Vaseline, Simple day moisturisers and Garnier creams, but they all just didn’t seem to work as I had hoped and I was unable to apply foundation due to my skin being so flaky. Until I found the hero that is Lush Dream Cream. Now, this is actually a body lotion, but because it is made with such natural ingredients and worked wonders on my legs, I thought I’d give it a try on my face. Now I would never go back! It is rich, some may be put off by the lavender scent of it but when they see results of it they’ll be happy to pay the price. This product is a hidden gem that needs more recognition. When applying it, I dab tiny blobs on my trouble areas, rub it all in, using circular movements and wait a while. My face feels beautiful afterwards and the redness from after my shower goes away! It is £11.95 for a decent sized tub and well worth it. It is literally a dream cream.

If I’m going out, or in a rush, I tend to avoid Dream Cream as it does take a while for the skin to take the moisture in. Instead I use Nivea Visage Daily Express Hydrating Primer for dry and sensitive skin, which works as both a moisturiser and primer. I dab little blobs all around my face and rub in gently. My foundation then smoothly goes on. It’s reasonably priced, a small tub is about £4 but again there are regular half price sales on the product. Well worth giving a try!

Now that your all hydrated, I don’t think you need to worry too much about buying a foundation specifically for dry skin. Most of the foundations look fine on my face after this beauty regime, especially my Rimmel Match Perfection in shade 100 Ivory. Really good coverage and leaves me loving my pale skin complexion. If I want to glow a bit I use Miss Sporty Tan So Fine bronzing powder on top. This is my favourite look and together both the products come to like a tenner so for students on a budget like me its perfect!

I recently did buy a foundation for dry skin from Bourjois, it’s a gel foundation called Healthy Mix Serum and its specifically for dryer skin so it gives a dewy finish. It had really great reviews so I thought I would give it a try. I mean, its alright, it smells lovely and fruity, but it hasn’t got great coverage and my skin was still flaky after applying it, but its £10.99 in Superdrug if you wanted to give it a try. I tried it in shade 52, Vanilla.

Although I said about not worrying too much on a dry skin foundation, there are a couple of foundations from personal experience that I would AVOID. The first being L’Oreal’s True Match foundations. Ok so the shades are beautiful and they tend to have great coverage, this foundation may be a great one in the summer for when you have slightly darker skin. However, this was the WORST one for my winter flaky skin, instantly after applying it my skin looked all yellow and bitty, really not attractive!

Another beauty product mistake I made was Benefits Big Easy foundation. Cost me £27 and I’ve only used it once. Because it was a BB cream I assumed it would moisturise my skin, but it did the opposite. It actually transformed into a powdery substance on my face, leaving it all flaky. Big no no for me. In fact, Benefit Cosmetics have a big fan base, their products are bigged up all the time, but I’ve tried 3 of them and wasn’t happy with any. For example, their waterproof pencil eyeliner. I was hardly able to apply it and it just smudged so easily! Huge disappointment.

Anyway, some general advice for troubled skin would be to use either Lush products as they are full of natural goodness and smell amazing, Clinique because they answer your specific needs, Simple (apart from their rich day moisturiser) because they specialise in products for sensitive skin and Nivea’s dry and sensitive range which are pink in colour.

I hope this has helped!


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