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Dove – a product review

Dove are not only known for their fabulous products but, more recently, for their self-esteem campaigns. Dove have a vision,

“of a world where beauty is a source of confidence, and not anxiety. So, we are on a mission to help the next generation of women develop a positive relationship with the way they look – helping them raise their self-esteem and realize their full potential.”

What a fabulous vision and one I would love to witness in my life time. Unbeknownst to most people, Dove are working on turning this vision into a reality, through a series of projects including training centred around self-esteem. Another way is to make fabulous products that are affordable, readily available in most supermarkets and chemists and most importantly, focus on the basics like nourishing skin. A simple, yet important, aspect of beauty regimes for all ages is to look good and feel good.

I was sent the new limited edition winter care range of moisturisers to review by the lovely ladies at Dove. It consisted of nourishing lotion, hand cream and the winter care cream.


All three products smell like winter in a bottle, a lovely warm fragrance that makes you smile for no reason. They are all prime examples of the standard of product you expect from Dove; amazing. They are nourishing, rich and luxurious. They quickly absorb into the skin, replacing the moisture often lost in the cold weather.

 I have been using the nourishing lotion for a week now and it has really helped with the dry skin on my knees and my legs look noticeably smoother. Although all three of these products leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and healthy looking, I particularly love the hand cream, as unlike some, it doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy or wet, so I can apply this throughout the day and continue with my work without having to wait for them to dry.

If you would like more information about the work dove do or to view their range of products click here.

(These opinions are my own and the products were supplied by Dove).


  • Thanks for this review Terri! Zero degree weather and dry heat certainly are NOT friendly to my skin. I’ll pick some Dove up the next time I am out shopping. HOWEVER, we are getting hit with another blizzard tonight :( xo

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