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Don’t tell me my breasts are offensive

I love my breasts, I really do. Whilst there are other parts of my body that I find a bit boring, such as my calves and my forehead, my breasts keep me constantly entertained. I probably shouldn’t admit that I spend more than a healthy proportion of my time seeing what items I can balance on them whilst watching television, but that’s not the only reason I love them. I like them because I think they’re an amazing piece of apparatus that make up a part of my physical identity.

Something I don’t love, however, is bras. Whilst some bras can be pretty, the overwhelming feeling I get from bras is a sharp, jabbing pain in my side and that’s even with a well-fitted bra. So, when a person gets offended when I don’t wear a bra, me and that person are destined to fall out.

I really don’t get why it is that I ‘have’ to wear a bra when I’m wearing a top. Guys don’t have to. Fair enough, if I was to turn up to work meetings with no bra and no top on then people could complain all they want, but if I’m wearing a top, I don’t feel the need to wear a bra too. That is bra companies pushing their bra-wearing rhetoric on you.

I’ve had women say to me that it is offensive and would be “inappropriate” if I were to get a nipple erection. Like a nipple erection is a naughty thing. You know what? It’s not! When my nipples get cold, they get erect, it’s as natural as getting a runny nose and chapped lips in winter. Stop making me feel guilty for having lady parts.

We need to get it out of our head that breasts exist solely to please others sexually. They don’t. They may do that for some people, but other people get turned on by feet and others by sunshine (it’s a real fetish!) and we can’t hide these things from everyone all of the time.

The female body is nothing to be ashamed of and my breasts don’t exist to please or sexually excite other people. They exist because I was born with them and that is that. So no more bras for me and I urge you lot to do the same. Trust me, the sense of freedom is fantastic!


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