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Don’t be a sloth – breaking personal limitations

Do you ever feel like you simply have no more drive left in you? Everything seems to be a chore, you have a very limited amount of will and getting up and doing virtually anything seems simply too difficult. Do you often say to yourself “why would I even bother, when I could never do so and so”? Do you keep putting tasks off because you simply see no point?

When we were small, we were often told something is out of or reach and grasp. Well, now you are all grown up and nothing should be unreachable. The first step out of your sloth-like shell should be a change of attitude and in order to shift your outlook on life, you can start by doing the little things.

You are who you think you are

When someone gives you a compliment, or praises your style, your achievements, or your way of thinking, you instantly feel better about yourself and start to think more positively. Don’t just let yourself hang on the words of others – start complimenting yourself on a daily basis. Leave little encouraging notes for yourself and don’t ever put yourself down. Your attitude towards life is what will make a situation either workable, or disastrous. If you view every situation in life as something that can lead to a better outcome, you will not allow negativity to take roots.

You are how you treat others

You are not the only one to hang on other people’s attention. Start making a change by making it a point never to forget someone’s name, by always smiling when you greet people and by overcoming your potential shyness by talking to individuals you may not have conversed with before. It is most often the little things that make someone’s day and small kindnesses will bring yet another dash of positivity into both your life and the life of your friends. Make a conscious effort to smile, even when you don’t feel like it, and your mind will soon catch up.

You are where you live

Make your living space just a bit more inhabitable. Doing the dishes and making the bed every morning are often things you’d rather avoid, but if you make your home tidy, you will feel much better about your life than if you live in a state of perpetual disarray. You don’t have to go overboard and invest a bunch of money into redecorating though, as a few tiny odds and ends can easily transform your home.

You are how you feel

You only have one body and taking care of it should be imperative. Don’t stuff your face with fast food on a daily basis. Make an effort to eat better, cook more often, buy fresh produce and lay off the sugar. Start contemplating the morsels you put in your mouth.

Start moving more too – join a gym class, find a running buddy, take up a sport, or simply exercise at home, but try to get in at least 45 minutes of activity every day. Your body will thank you and the endorphins released by exercise will soon turn another chore into a welcome pastime. Make it a point to take better care of your health. Utilising the advantages of the digital age, you can easily book an online doctor’s appointment and talk to a professional about all the concerns you may have, without the need to leave the comfort of your fresh home.

You are what you wear

Put a bit of effort into looking better – you don’t need to run out and buy an entire new closet. You can treat yourself to a statement piece once in a while, of course, but splurging is not the answer. Try a new hairdo, or a new way to do your makeup in the morning. Make yourself an organic mask and indulge. Get up every day with a fresh smile and try to think up a new outfit that will make you feel confident, don’t just jump into your old jeans. Looking good will instantly make you feel good as well.


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