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You don’t need permission

Can you imagine if the rain asked when it could rain? Sounds absurd right, but just think what would happen. I think it would go something like this…

The ‘Week Committee’ are all sitting around the table trying to schedule the rains next appearance.

“So we’ve been looking at our diaries and we had planned for you to come on Wednesday but Wednesday did a swap with Tuesday because they prefer to have you the following week, but Tuesday have now come back to us and said that it can no longer do then because they have agreed with the Sun to have an outdoor festival on that day, so we decided to move you to Sunday but Sunday kicked up a fuss saying that they had you last week and someone else should have you, because people have been complaining about Sunday. Saturday said a firm no for the next three weeks as it is now summer and people want to go out, especially on a Saturday. Thursday said she has an important meeting and would rather you not mess up her plans and ruin her day and Monday, with tears in his eyes, said it already has a bad reputation with it being Monday and people having to get up to go to work, said that it doesn’t need you to add to its day, causing an extra number of complaints. Monday currently gets through 1000 complaints a minute!”
The rain, hearing all of this and quietly not saying a word begins to shake his head in disappointment, trying to hold back his frustration.

The Week Committee, noticing the rain’s change in mood quickly said, “But we have a solution; seeing as all those days are busy and cannot host you this week, we have decided to invite you back…ah yes, next year, Wednesday at 2pm for approx 33 minutes and 27 seconds.
The rain, angered and indignant after hearing what was said, shot up and shouted,

“I’m sick of this. I am not going to consult with you or those selfish days again. If I wait for you to let me in it would never rain. No, I will turn up on whichever day I choose. And because you’ve all been so utterly unhelpful, get ready for a downpour.” The rain left, slamming the door behind him.

“I knew this meeting was going to end in tears. That’s something to make a note of; the rain won’t wait and don’t upset the rain.

“Who’s going to tell the days what’s coming?”

“They’ll soon find out.”

Moral of the story: 1. Don’t upset the rain and 2. If the rain doesn’t need to schedule an appointment neither should you! There is never going to be a perfect day for it to rain but rain it must and there is also never going to be the perfect time for you to step out and do what you have always wanted to do, but do it you must. Be encouraged, you don’t need permission to go for it.


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