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For a very long time I had this hidden passion inside of me, to bake. I used to bake a lot and created recipes but I never realised or thought that it could be a career path.

Having studied design and graphics, I thought that my life would pan out in line with a career in the field, but oh how very wrong I was and months later, after having moved down south, I have an apprenticeship at an amazing restaurant and it changed my life. Even though the hours are long and the pay isn’t amazing, I love it. It brings out a fire in me that I never thought I had. There are hard times as I am still learning and still need so much, but I have not regretted taking this job for even one minute. It has been a great eye opener and now I see why people say that you should do what you love and feel passionate about.

Even though I have made some pretty bad mistakes, they have shaped the way I am as a chef. Slowly and surely I am understanding and starting to follow the routine can you buy nolvadex in australia that I am meant to live by. I work hard and buy books to read that will help me through my career, because my colleagues say that working here is not enough; constant studying and hard work needs to be done.

Strangely, time has flown and I still can’t believe I’m working in an industry that I used to love to do outside of work. To me, if you really are passionate about something and want to do it as a career, you should go for it. Time is so precious and it could end at any time, so what is really stopping you? You need to get out there and test your passions in a new way. There are still other things in my life that I am willing to take on and determined to succeed in, as passions never seem to limit themselves to just one thing.

The best way to live is to live happy and around people that love and you love back. That includes work.


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