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Ditch The Diet AND Still Shape Up For Summer

It’s something you should have started weeks ago! That summer body diet! But now you’re holiday is creeping closer, your waistline seems to be somehow growing by the mouthful, and you’re worried you’ll have to pull out the ‘ swipe away the towel and slip into the pool before everyone sees your wobbly bits’ manoeuvre, for yet another year!

But let’s be honest, is it worth starving yourself for a month before your holiday, only to pop it all back on within the first few days of your vacation? Why not ditch that diet, and instead make a few small changes that, if followed correctly, can help you stay happy and healthy all year round (without starving yourself)!

Portion Control

Part of the problem when it comes to our diets, is the amount we eat. We are all guilty of piling our plates high and then wondering where the extra weight has come from.

The easiest way to control your portions is to measure in handfuls. A handful of carbs and protein and two handfuls of veg per meal will keep your diet balanced and your portion sizes controlled. By carefully controlling your portion sizes, you cut out unnecessary calories, avoid that full to the brim feeling and still feel like you’ve had a satisfying meal!

Top Tip: By popping your dinner on a smaller plate, you trick your brain and your stomach into thinking you’ve eaten more than you have!


It’s not exactly rocket science! The more we move, the more we lose! But before you run away from the dreaded EXERCISE word, this doesn’t mean signing up to your nearest gym and sweating buckets on a treadmill. Find what works for you, something you will enjoy and will stick to. Try having a morning swim, joining a local yoga class or get a group of girlfriends together and have a fast paced stroll and a natter.

Have no time to squeeze in a gym routine? Youtube has thousands of workout videos for you to choose from and you can do in the comfort of your home, for free!! No Excuses!

Meat Free Mondays

Founded by Sir Paul Mccartney, Meat Free Mondays encourage people to eat no meat for at least one day a week. It helps reduce greenhouse gases for the planet, is cheaper for your weekly food shop and can help you stay healthy by reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease and strokes. Swapping fatty meats for fresh veg or meat substitutes such as Quorn reduces your intake of fat, helping you to lose weight and keep that weight off!

Top Tip: Don’t know where to start for veggie dinners? For yummy veggie recipes check out www.meatfreemonday.com

Swap The Pop

Wondering where those sneaky extra calories are coming from? If you are prone to sup a diet coke with your lunch, that may be the answer. Fizzy pop is not only packed with sugar, but contains a surprising amount of calories, and as they are in liquid form, it’s so easy not to realise how much of your calorie intake is coming from your favourite fizzy drinks.

Swap your pop for water, which will not only cut the calories, but will help flush out antioxidants in your body and can help clear your skin.

Treat Yourself (now and then)

The problem with cutting out all your unhealthy habits and being on a strict diet is that you become tempted by forbidden unhealthy foods! And that is what causes you to lapse!

Allow yourself to indulge in a treat once in a while, whether it is a glass of wine with dinner, or a cookie with your coffee. But make sure you compensate. Treating yourself to that chocolate bar means promising yourself you will do an extra 20 minutes in the gym! And sticking to it!



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