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Dispelling the myths of egg donation

With the green light to go-ahead with donating my eggs, we are now in the process of setting dates, organising the treatment plan and booking in my scans. I have now started the Pill to synchronize my cycle with the recipient woman.  In a few weeks, I will be starting injections which will start to ripen my eggs ready for collection.  I have received my big box of medications, including my sharps box for safe disposal of the needles and we will soon be ready to go!  I am so eager to start, although my thoughts are constantly with my couple.  I should think that they have such a wide spectrum of emotions going on right now – excitement, anxiety, fear….

The thought that the word ‘mother’ could possibly soon apply to her, after wanting this for so long must be quite overwhelming.  And a mother is exactly what she will be….

I just want to take this opportunity to write about a few things that people have asked me about.  I certainly welcome people’s questions and will do whatever I can to help people understand a bit more about egg donation.

I am donating eggs, which are sets of genes – genes that need to be paired with another set from a man to make a baby.  What I am donating, will not make a baby alone.  I will not suddenly become a mother, I will not have a ‘child’ out there somewhere, there will not be ‘little me’s’ running around,  for I can only donate half of what is needed – and that is purely from a genetic point of view.  The woman who is going to receive my eggs, will (hopefully) become a mother.  My part in all of this ends after egg collection.  From then, the fertilised eggs will be put back into the recipient woman.  She will grow this baby for 9 months, she will give buy nolvadex in the usa birth, she will be the first to look into the eyes of her beautiful baby and create the mother/baby bond.

Matching a donor with a recipient is quite a complex process.  They not only match us on looks but personality, hobbies, likes and dislikes as well.  We probably have the same hair and eye colour (so there could be a chance that the resulting baby has these things in common with its mother) and I already know that we have very similar personalities.  So if the baby develops a love of (lets pick anything….Art)….would that be a genetic link to me or have they developed that love through watching their mother love art?  Of course, there is always the chance that the male genes may be more dominant and the baby will be very similar in looks and personality to its Dad :)

I am a great believer in nurture versus nature.  Yes, my couple need help with eggs so I am doing what I can with that part.  It takes a lot more than my set of genes to raise a child and turn them into a well rounded, nice, compassionate, caring person.  There are so many factors affecting the growth and development of a baby – mostly the love and environment it is bought up in.  A baby, no matter where its genetic roots lie, needs unconditional TLC and in return, that baby will grow up loving the people who taught them how to love!

I love the love that my recipient couple already have towards the baby they do not have yet…..They are full of love and I just know that their baby will be cherished and adored.  What more could I ask then to know that my eggs are going to go to a couple that will shower their baby with love and adoration.  As The Beatles sang so wisely – “All You Need is Love!”



  • I have a friend that has recently become a mother due to egg donation. She went through years of torment beforehand. Before she existed. Now she’s alive. What you’ve done is incredible. X

    • Mrs Abby Mrs Abby says:

      Aaaww Sarah, that’s wonderful news! Congratulations to her! I love hearing success stories, makes it all worthwhile! Here’s to them making lots of memories as a happy family! Bless them :) Thank you for reading xxxx

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