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Deserving it in 2016

By the end of 2015 I made a realisation that I had been failing to see for three years; “I deserve an income.”  This might sound totally ridiculous, but let me tell you the story and you will see why.

When I worked full-time in the city and farmed out my children to a child-minder and was glued to my work Blackberry until 10pm, I had a regular income and wasted money on things I didn’t actually need. As a side-quest however, I became very spiritual. It was my outlet, my rebellion. I went to business meetings with a tiger’s eye crystal hidden away in my bra; I would pull an angel card for the day before I set out, or listen to a meditation on my iPod, on the tram, in the morning rush-hour and I felt as though I were living a double life. I also wanted to be a writer (always, since the age of seven!) andwI felt very much that “When the Universe shows me the path, I will follow it.”

Travel on a couple of years and due to an inheritance we took on a Grand Designs type home project and I gave up my job to relocate and set up my own Tarot and New Age business and shop, following years of positive feedback from friends for my readings. It was so exciting to actually transfer my dreams into reality.

A major hiccup took place when my partner was made redundant and for a year we had no income, but lived on savings. My spirituality became my source of income (readings) and I worked and worked, developing one idea after another and despite my shop being quite popular and giving several readings per week, I was forced to close due to overheads. I found myself stuck at home and doubting all the spiritual beliefs I had spent so long cultivating. I no longer enjoyed reading tarot; it was stressful and boring. It was only my continued love of writing that kept me going and while my partner built his new business as a handyman, I found Women Make Waves and applied.

Women Make buy nolvadex pct Waves, for me, was a turning point – it was the one tangible success I had achieved out of all my hard work. Thank You. I was able to turn round to my partner and say “Look! They have accepted me!”

I now see that during that time I have identified the main passion that was most important to me all along and as such I am now reshaping my future. I have built up a good reputation locally, but am leaving the tarot behind and intend instead  to offer my writing, typing and admin skills as a local business support service, while I work on my novels and still run my small aromatic goods and gifts retail business from my local market. My partner’s business is doing really well though through word of mouth too!

Which brings me finally to the point of the article – I work with several New Age practitioners who are lovely people, skilled and ethical with their gift(s), however, many of them don’t feel comfortable promoting themselves; they don’t believe they “should” earn money from their gift. I heard a Pagan friend of mine say “let’s hope for some sales – but not too much – just enough!” I agree that we shouldn’t expect too much, but do we really have to be this humble? It is my experience that humble people who are unselfish, kind and usually the most creative among us receive the least in monetary payment. Those who are brash, over-confident and expectant of payment seem to have no problems earning money. Is this about our expectations and how we value our own products, gifts and services?

My thinking now is yes we are worth it! Many of us have been working so hard, including myself for the last three years, with little to show for it, because I did not believe it was possible or that I deserved it. Therefore, this year I am expecting better results and believing that I deserve to earn some money from my own endeavours.

Three years is long enough and I AM worth it! And so are You! xx


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