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The Darkest death-Fiction.

Moyu had gotten used to wandering around alone in the past few weeks; it seemed she needed this time by herself. All she could think of was killing and she did not mind who it was that lost their life. That was the problem; family, friend or foe, it did not matter to her. Knowing all too well how much harm she could cause she decided to come to Earth and kill, away from her family.

The forest she meandered between the trees of reminded her of home, yet a little less dangerous….well at least for her anyway.  The canopy blocked out the light from the setting sun, the darkness surrounding Moyu like a friend, a shiver ran down her spin almost making her squirm in pleasure as she shadows brushed against her skin telling her that her wish had been granted. She continued to listen to the whispers of her darkness as she moved closer to the site of the excitement. The cogs within her mind were spinning and spinning, thinking of a plan, she could just wander in and slaughter them all but where was the fun in that?

She stopped a short distance away from the granted wish, seeming to hide behind a tree for now.  She was not afraid, simply getting into character; we all have a role to play within the game called life. The throaty laughter flooded the air; looks as if this was an all male camp out, none appearing older than 20, young and naive she thought. Perfect. She took her time, listening to them, letting her senses form a perfect picture.  Their laughter was alcohol fuelled, boisterous and full of stupidity, from their joyous sounds she knew there were three of them, all larger than her. A challenge, she liked that.  She closed her eyes for a moment allowing the scents of the males to flood her system; her knowledge of their drunkenness was proven by the foul scent of alcohol wafting towards her. She frowned lightly as another scent assaulted her, something sickly sweet almost caramel like, she had not heard any women but this sweetness was obscure, fading and growing once again.  A sudden strike hit her and she understood the source of the scent; marshmallows, how simple it seemed now. She would have to collect some, her sweet tooth craved them; but that could wait, now it was time for act one.

She looked down at her attire and shook her head, now this would not do, her normal attire of a floor length gown of shadows would only raise suspicions within the drunken group. Bringing up a hand she ran it across her body, picking and choosing what shadows to remove; in the end she appeared to be dressed in thin black rags, a few rips here and there looking as if she had gotten herself into a lot of trouble. How could they resist as woman in distress? The shadows twisted around her hair a little, making it look dirty and matted. She could not physically do that to herself, she hated her hair not being perfect after all.

She stepped from her place behind the tree and shuffled over to them, she kept her head down to the ground appearing all forlorn, she even faked the tears, a slight wetness running down her cheeks yet she did not shed a real tear.  She did not look up at first at them, she let them come to her; the largest of the males, came to her first, stumbling over his own feet. Their drunkenness was adorable to her; even in this state they believed themselves to be knights in shining armour. Her drunken knight slung his arm over her shoulders forcibly pulling her close to him, seeming to try to comfort her, yet his grip was too strong for such an action.

“What’s wrong lass? Come here, we will look after you….Won’t we lads!”

She heard the male’s chuckle a little before they  agreed to his words, her practically pulled her to the fire making her sit between them all.  She knew just how they were going to look after her, the men of Earth often fooled themselves, believing to be gentlemen but becoming nothing more than twisted poisonous snakes. She slowly lifted her view from the ground and looked at the male’s that surrounded her, the jade green pits filled with fear and worry, seeming to be true enough for them, she carried with her the air of innocence, Appearing to them to be the fly trapped in the spider’s web.  The male that had greeted her kept his arm around her shoulders pulling her close to his side as the others seemed to be inspecting her, like a lion would its prey, wondering where to dig in first. What appeared to be the youngest of the group, and by far the most drunk, grasped at her face, pulling her cheeks together making her lips purse, he tilted her head this way and that as he inspected her close up.

“She’s a cute one…So innocent….”

He seemed to look past her at his camping crew, yet she could feel the air around him and them change, darken. She felt the ring leader tighten his grip upon her shoulders, to keep her in place, and she allowed him to do so. The third male that had not yet laid a hand upon her came behind her, standing within her blind spot wrapping his arms around her waist, keeping her in place. It was then that she did what any venerable human woman would do, she struggled and tried to get up but their arms upon her only tightened and she seemed to calm once again, knowing she could not escape. The youngest of them all, knelt down before her, his hands resting upon her legs and slowly running his hands up her thighs, spreading her legs a little as he did. In one swift movement she brought her leg up and kicked him away, knocking him backwards upon his back, too drunk to have reacted quickly enough. Yet the drunkenness helped soon after. The male’s that clung onto her body seemed to let go as she was struck across the face, sending her flying from her seat and crashing into one of their tents, the fabric falling in on top of her. She had to take the hit, but she would only take the one. Time for act two; the turning of the worm.

She lay there upon the collapsed tent, she could feel them shuffling towards her, hurling abuse in her direction, telling her that she best behave or she will get seriously hurt, poor naive boys. As the groping male came close enough to her, his breath felt upon her legs as she lay there, she waited for the perfect moment before kicking him back, yet she did not leave it at that. Quicker than the human eye could catch she jumped up and pounced upon him, a metal tent peg within her hand and with one harsh motion she pegged his hand into the ground, her shadows offering a second one for his other hand. She heard his wails of pain and the screams and shouts of his friends, but given time they would get their own punishment.

She heard the others come rushing at her, trying to restrain her, just as they were about to wrap their arms around her, the shadows formed wings upon her back. These wings did not appear like most, they still rippled and flowed like shadows and appeared to have so many holes within them that they would be unable to lift her into the sky; however, that’s just what they did, leaving the men upon the ground bemused and frightened. She saw one attempting to leave her twisted playground, now she could not have that. Calling upon the Earth, even as she hovered a distance away, the Earth listened and caused the tree’s roots to come up and wrapped around his ankles as he attempted to run away. The third male, the middle man, seemed to be frozen to the spot in fear, he knew he was next and she thought it best to put him out his misery, after all she could not have him dying of a heart attack now could she? Swooping down, her hands rested upon his shoulders pushing him back against a tree, her zolan bone fingernails coming out and digging into the soft flesh there, pinning him to the tree.  With a sharp twist, she snapped the nails within his shoulders keeping him pinned there, she felt a small amount of pain, her killer instinct blocking most of it, her nails soon retreated back under her natural nails where they then healed themselves, growing back to her desired length to play later.

The males appeared pinned in three corners of their camp site, from their places they could clearly see each other and just what was going to happen. She walked around the site, dragging a nail lightly upon each of their bodies, a small warmth spread throughout them burning off their clothes.

“Eenie meenie miney  mo…..which one is the first to go….?” She sung, tapping her nail upon her bottom lip, her eyes flickering black as she settled them upon each body.

Their screams and cries for help only spurred her on, making her giggle in her own dark childish fashion, such a wonderful game this was. She came to a stop in front of the middle man, the frozen statue of a being, she tilted her head to one side, it was clear she had picked him to be the first to die.

He knew the stinging pain that could come from her nails and this was only intensified as she dragged her newly healed zolan bone fingernails over his body, giving him what appeared like a thousand tiny paper cuts, yet each cut slowly started to burn away his skin, with a fizzle and a pop. Her nails had become taint tipped, slowly turning the water within his skin into acid and she watched it peel from his very bones before dropping to the ground with a squelching plop. As the male screamed his last scream, breathed his last breath she turned her back upon him, settling her sights upon the others.

They kept on screaming even though it was all in vain; the male with his legs secured by the tree would be next the thought. He swung out violently yet with a certain air of clumsiness, threatening to topple himself and break his own back. She shadow walked behind him, grasping hold of his arms and pulling them harshly until she heard a pop, dislocating both his shoulders and his elbows in this one motion. She then came back around to face him; her sweet smile still lingered upon her lips as she watched his face be contorted with pain and his arms hanging their lifeless and useless. She simply clicked her fingers and his body became consumed with shadow flames, slowly burning away his flesh, much slower than a normal fire.

Her attentions turned to the last male, now he would be a treat. First she castrated him with her fingernails, throwing his cock and balls upon the flames that consumed his friend before she plunged her hand into his chest, wrapping her small delicate hand around his heart, feeling every beat as she pierced the muscle before pulling out. She watched him slowly start to bleed to death from the inside.

Soon they would all be dead she thought, but her mind fell back to the memory of the sweet scent of marshmallows, she had come across some within the collapsed tent, she now collected them and proceeded to roast them upon the flaming man before devouring them, the melody of their lives slipping away was the end to a perfect night.


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