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The Danish Girl – film review

The Danish Girl – my review

Today I watched the most stunning piece of cinema that I have seen in a long time. The main actor playing Lili Elbe and Einar Wegener is the truly spectacular Eddie Redmayne, who in my opinion, deserves an Oscar for his performance in this role. The delicate subject matter of the film is handled in the most respectful way possible, making such a refreshing change from attitudes we see every day in mainstream media.

The idea of man being born into the wrong body is still not accepted completely in popular culture, but I for one, after watching this film, feel a certain understanding of what it must be like to hide one’s self from what they actually are and have to face the consequences. The supporting actress, Alicia Vikander, who plays Gerda Wegener, also gives an outstanding performance. The strength and struggle Gerda faces in this movie is well acted to such a degree that I was moved to tears. It is not often a film carries such resonance with me.

The film is set in Copenhagen in the mid 1920s and the costume and design of the sets follow suit with what you would expect from that time period. From the set, to the costumes and onto the filming it truly is a cinematic masterpiece. I have never watched a film with such a poignant and currently relevant story as this film. I know the film is based on a much loved fictional novel by David Ebershoff, who loosely based his book on the lives of Danish painters as he was inspired by their story and thank god he was.

All I have left to say is, if you have not seen it yet you should and be prepared to feel completely immersed into the story of a brave women trapped in a man’s body.



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