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Damn those Suffragettes

I appreciate it was all for a good cause and all, but am I really the only one who, from time to time thinks, ‘Damn those Suffragettes and their cursed bra burning’? I am sure this means I will never be invited to join Destiny’s Child and those other ‘Independent Women”, but I kind of like the idea of being a kept woman. In fact, let’s be honest here, I would pretty much don a full whalebone corset and arm myself with a feather duster if  it would get me out of the workplace and into the kitchen (or bedroom-whatever works).

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not against women working, there is no judgement here. In fact I have huge respect for the millions of amazing women that juggle careers with a family life, but it’s just not for me. I do it. I do it reasonably well (I hope) but if Mr Darcy were to insist that I stay at home and tend to the children and bake him an apple pie, then I would do so gladly. I only do it out of necessity.

I know I should be thankful for the huge leap forward in woman’s rights. I should celebrate our ability to vote and be eager to prove myself as capable as the next man, but to be fair I don’t feel the need. I have given birth. Game up men, we win.

Now I will be honest and say that I rarely vote, being of the opinion that all governments are pretty much the same anyway. Nor do I fear the glass ceiling. Actually, it’s my cobweb covered ceiling that concerns me most, left to fester whilst I struggle to balance work with being a mum. So as far as rights go I am not a shining example of feminism. I appreciate the opportunity lads, honestly I do, but I just don’t want to be a career gal.

It’s not that I’m lazy, truly! I’ve worked as a teacher for several years and have always given 110% to my job. However since having a child I have realised there’s more to life and I want the time to enjoy it with my child as opposed to a childminder enjoying it for me. I would/will happily work if I could fit it in during the (short) time that my son is asleep (whilst allowing myself maybe an hour rest each day also). However once he is awake I want to be there. I want to bake cakes, I want to grow flowers, I want to wipe smears of jam off his chubby cheeks. Yes, clearly I want to be a Stepford wife…but is that so wrong?

According to the Guardian ‘less than 10% of homes in every local authority area in London, the south-east and the south-west are affordable to a single person on an average income’. That proves it. “Her indoors” can no longer be indoors, she has to go out and work in order for there to be an indoors to be in!

I need to earn an average wage alongside my husband in order to afford our house. So I guess I am thankful that women’s rights ensured that I can earn as much as the working man. However if those bras had never been burned, yet hopefully still modified with a bit of lace and some gel padding, then could I be in the position to be a stay at home mum? Is it so wrong to want to be a kept woman?


  • andreadayuk@hotmail.com says:

    I feel the same way. I am fortunate enough to be a stay at home mum. My husband is self employed and earns enough for me to look after the children and home. However I feel there is a lot of negativity towards stay at home mums now. I think it’s great that women have options now but it seems that if we choose to not work we are regarded as lazy. I am certainly not lazy. I am busy from the moment the kids wake up around 6am until at least 2 hours after they are in bed. I rarely sit down before 9pm. I love the way it is though. It’s not always easy but it works for us. I always worked before I had children. Before I first became pregnant and during my pregnancy I was working in a burns unit and a children’s ward and I did love my job. It was very rewarding and I gave it my all but I also knew that all I really wanted was to have a baby and get married. Then to quit work and just be a mum and housewife. If only we could all just be who we want to be and do what we want to do without feeling judged. I do admire women that look after children, home and go to work. I don’t think I could manage everything. They are very strong women and they should be very very proud. It is not for every woman though and that should be ok too.
    I think I would of been better suited to like decades ago when it was normal to marry younger, have as many children as you wanted and stay at home looking after all the kids.

  • Well put. I agree about raising children being a wonderful yet hard job! It leaves little to no ‘me’ time, but I would cope with that if it meant not having to juggle a career as well!

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