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Daily cleansing ritual – review

Magic Organic Apothecary (MOA) create natural skin care products, “inspired by old herbal folklore and with a sprinkling of magic!” I hadn’t heard of this brand before but a friend recommended them and I am really glad she did.

MOA are widely known for their original product; the Green balm “a miracle, multi-purpose product” which is included in the Daily Cleansing Ritual set that I was sent to review. I must admit I was very intrigued, if a little skeptical, as to how “magical” and “miraculous” it really was.

When the product arrived I loved the packaging; girly without being pink, eye catching without being competitively colorful and well, just different. The instructions are clearly explained on the back of the packaging, easy and simple to use, although not like any other cleanser I have tried before and, as a reviewer, I have tried a few.


Inside the package you get a 50ml pot of the green balm and a bamboo face cloth.


The green balm has a subtle scent of tea tree oil, which I love and it’s not too overpowering like some products I have previously used.

I followed the instructions and found that the green balm melts between your fingers very easily and you only need a small amount. Then you pop the white cloth in hot water and place it over your face. The smell of the tea tree is heightened and this along with the heat makes it feel like a mini facial. Who wouldn’t want to start the day like this? Once you have enjoyed the heat, breathed in the lovely fresh tea tree scent and relaxed, you dip it in cold water and place the soft side on your face. It really is a salon style cleanse and the gentle side of the bamboo face cloth is really soft and fluffy like something you would buy for a baby.

I have been using this product for just over a week now and I absolutely love it. It really is like a luxury facial every day. It removes my makeup easily without leaving black smudges around my eyes and my skin feels softer and healthier.

The green balm isn’t just for use as part of cleansing ritual it can also be used for skin complaints, burns, itching, bumps, bites, grazes and irritations anywhere on the body, so it’s really handy to have in the house, especially if you have accident prone children.

My husband suffers from shaving rashes on his face and I (begrudgingly) let him try this product a couple of times and the difference it has made is amazing. His skin is clear of red blotches and is a lot softer and smoother than usual. His stubble also seems to be growing through smoother, which is a bonus.

Usually when I do a review I have a look at the price but don’t feature it in the review as everyone as different budgets, but I was surprised to find that this product was so affordable, especially as it has so many uses. You can purchase the Daily Cleansing Ritual for £14.99 here.

(All opinions expressed are my own. The product was kindly supplied by MOA)


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