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Cup of comfort

I really do have to say that it is so good to be back!!  I am looking forward not just to contributing, but to reading as many articles as I can submitted by my fellow Women Make Wavers.

I wasn’t entirely sure what category to pop my first contribution under, but ‘Inspiration’ just edged it as I hope it inspires you all to smile once you’ve finished reading.  Please enjoy and feel free to give me feedback!

A Cup of Comfort

Hold me close, feel my warmth, caress my body, enjoy how taut
I feel as you pull me near, enjoy my silence, let me permeate your thoughts.

Wrap both your hands around my middle, squeeze a little, I won’t giggle,
Gently inhale my steam, my scent, lower your lips, just a tiny bit.

And now, as we meet, your mouth opening slightly, my hazy vapours driving you crazy
Taste me, savour me, swallow my heat, so sublime your heart misses a beat

With my rich creamy fullness your mouth is now full, tantalising, hypnotising, mesmerising,
Drink me deeply, take me down, my veil smooth, the deepest of brown

Frothing and foaming, your vocal chords groaning, the walls of your throat oiled by my stroke,
Orgasmic in intensity, as I devour you, possess you, demonise your sanity

As a mistress seduces, I make you my slave, you cannot resist, you’re intoxicated,
Close your eyes, tilt your head back, push me away from your lips, down onto your lap

Feel my warmth as it covers your body, run your tongue through your mouth
Your spittle like honey; velveteen softness, such astounding delight,

Makes you shudder, then tremor, eyes wide, flaming bright
Now I am empty and you are full,
I’m your cup of comfort Chocolate; this poem, a double entendre!

©Yvette Greenway 2015


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