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Credit where credit is due

{This was not supposed to be a rant, more a voicing of my opinion and frustration. I apologise if it seems like a rant}


Since November I have been working for a small company, creating content to promote them. It is not my ideal job, not something I laid in bed dreaming of night after night, but it does allow me to use social media and write; both things that I adore. I do believe I would be one of the ‘lost’ ones without Twitter or Facebook.

Perhaps it is just me, but there is a niggling annoyance within me. I was always taught in school that taking credit for someone else’s work and ideas was wrong. Does this change when we grow up?

I have to say that I am proud of the work I create, writing over 1000 words for just one piece, every day, while managing so many other projects. Yet for each piece of work I write, I have to sign someone else’s name for it and for every idea I have, someone else gets the credit. Perhaps it is selfish of me to believe that I should gain at least some notice for the content I create on a daily basis. Working 40 hours a week, constantly writing and creating new interesting topics with a twist here and there, promoting the company and bringing new attention to the business is what I do. Ghost writing is fine. There is a mutual understanding that you are creating work for someone else. At least that is my understanding, perhaps I have it wrong.

I can understand that the reason you hire a writer is for them to create content for your business, to keep the company active and relevant to the world. Social media is constantly changing and you have to keep up with it, however, to produce work you are proud of on a daily basis for your boss to then claim it is his work? Something just does not feel right there.

His name lingers on the end of everything I create and even face-to-face, he promotes my work as his own. Plagiarism is all I can believe it to be, at least that is what I was told at university. Taking credit for someone else’s work or passing someone else’s work off as your own is plagiarism.

Perhaps I am wrong and maybe the work world turns differently to the personal one, but am I wrong in my thoughts? Am I wrong to feel a little annoyed by it all?

We have so many writers here, do any of you reading this believe it is right to take credit for your employees work, just because you are the boss or CEO?


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