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Cravings… lets do a swap.

Experts say that 97% of women experience food cravings compared to just 68% of men. Well I can tell you two reasons why we crave more. One we have to deal with periods which for me some months makes me into the munchie monster and reason two, pregnancy another thing that makes our bodies crave food. So I am sure men’s would be higher if they had to deal with them too.

More to the point of this I came across things you should eat when you are craving.

If you crave chocolate it means your short or magnesium and you should really eat things like almonds, parsnips or spinach.

If your craving crisps then you are lacking essential fats and really need too munch on nuts, seeds and oily fish like salmon or mackerel.

If you crave bread not something I would have thought you would crave but anyway this could be a sign of a wheat sensitivity or allergy so try rye bread or gluten free bread. Which I have gluten free bread, not too good as a sandwich but yummy as toast with peanut butter and banana on.

If you are craving fizzy drinks then you may be low on vitamin B and to help boost it back up try eating things like avocado, eggs and asparagus.

Coffee. If you crave coffee then it could be low blood sugar so instead of reaching for the kettle, turn on the tap and pour yourself a glass of water and if you don’t like water just like me add some fresh strawberries or lemon with plenty of ice.

And cheese, if it’s this you’re craving then you might not have had enough calcium. You should try eating broccoli, almonds and sardines.

I think this is very helpful but sometimes these kind of things are just not in my cupboard at my hour of need, but will endeavour to try get them on the shopping list.


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