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a cosy night in…

A cosy night in… A hot drink, a warm duvet and nibbles at your side with a candle burning with the most beautiful and sweet scent. What more could you wish for? Pamper yourself.

After a weeks worth of work, stress, projects and what not, I feel that everyone deserves a warm and comfortable lie down with their feet up. A relaxation date with your favourite food and TV show is what everyone needs, it’s important. With our minds constantly working and stressing, our body needs a release, whether you go for a massage, have a lie down, have a girly weekend, a warm bath-bombed bath or watching your favourite shows and movies, you need it!

Most of you will probably argue and say, “it’s not that easy, I’ve got kids”, “I’ve got dinner to make, work to be doing, emails to reply to…” But trust me, I’m sure half an hour from your busy schedule will do you good, let your parents, other half, friends take care of your kids for a while and if you have work, let them wait for you, they won’t suffer over the weekend and the world won’t end.

Moreover, what’s wrong with staying in once in a while on the weekends? Why does it seem like some girls feel the need to constantly go out and constantly go clubbing till all hours of the morning? Your feet are crying and begging for you to take a minute and rest, from wearing those 6 inch heels all across town.

Get yourself a pair of slouch, fuzzy or knee high socks and leg warmers with an over-sized shirt or jumper from Primark and you’re set for paradise. (It doesn’t cost anything to relax and you can still feel beautiful/sexy.) Take some time to respect your body and treat it well, you’re ageing it by years by drinking, wearing crappy heels, caking your skin with makeup, eating kebabs which you might not see the aftermath now but you’ll regret it in the future. I started going out quite early and for myself I found that it was quite draining, it was samey, it felt boring and it got to a point that it started playing with my mind, it surely fed to my anxiety and some mental insecurities, Now that I’ve learnt what I don’t and do need, I feel much happier and content with my life.

Take a few minutes for yourself, relax and love life with your favourite bar of chocolate or sweets or even hummus!


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