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Communicate, Appreciate and Validate

Life is too short. Why hold grudges?  Why live like life is not worth living?  Why mull over situations that can’t be changed?  Why fight with people who mean nothing, or everything to you?  What is the point? If you have your health, family who care and friends who make you giggle – you’re luckier than some.

Back in April I discovered something that put my life into complete perspective.  A 5 year old boy, who was my daughter’s best friend whilst at nursery was diagnosed with cancer.  His parents had been massively let down and it was 5 weeks from diagnosis to him passing away. I have experienced a lot of death within my family, but this struck a chord with me.  The fact he was the same age as my daughter and how quickly it happened, made me realise how precious life is.

I built bridges with people in my life who before, I felt I had no time for.  The issues at the time seemed huge, like there was no coming back from them.  In reality, it was nothing but me acting like a petulant teenager. I like to think that I have always been this way, however I now go out of my way to make conversation with strangers.  I was out with my partner at the time and our daughter, we had pulled up at a beach.  They went off together and I stood and watched on.  An gentleman in his 80s walked up to me and stopped.  He looked out into the distance and I said “Hello, how are you?”  He went on to explain http://www.health-canada-pharmacy.com/women-s-health.html that he walked that promenade every day, told me of how it had changed and what he would do to make it better.  He said he lived alone after his wife passed away, but he was fine with that as he often visited his son in Australia for a few months at a time.  Some of the stories he repeated, but I didn’t mind because it felt so good to chat to him. When he walked off, he said “I appreciate your time”.  I wanted to run after him and tell him “Anytime” but I just watched as he strolled along in his own little world. It made me feel happy to think those few exchange of words had brightened up his day.

When I walk through the street, if I catch someone looking at me I smile. I might look daft to some and I might not get a smile back, but I will carry on doing this. You just never know who might need it!

My main priority is my daughter, obviously. There are days where I am tired, where I only want to tell her to do something once. Where I don’t want to have to answer a million and one questions. Where I can pee in private, have my iphone to myself and watch what I want on TV. However now, I push all those negative thoughts to one side and realise how lucky I am.

When it comes down to it, be the best person you can be. Be valid, make others feel valid.





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