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Here come the selfie dolls

They’re set to become the latest craze, for people who literally cannot get enough of themselves, so everyone say a weary hello to the selfie doll. He or she is likely to be quite cute, but don’t be fooled by the friendly face; it’s just another one of vanity’s minions in disguise.

As presents for children, or surprise gifts for friends and relatives, they’re probably fairly funny, but it seems the target market is adults who marvel at their own being and are bored of waiting for anyone else to recognise the merit in having a stuffed caricature of it. The selfie dolls in the news are the creation of former cartoon animator Magdi Bakos. She freely admits the inspiration for her business came from the realisation that ordinary people want to experience the ‘feelings of fame and adoration that come with having your own mini-me doll’. It’s a worrying state of mind that’s on a par with putting a replica Oscar on your mantle-piece so you know what it’s like to win an award.

Magdi’s cuddly wares are handmade to specification and modelled on the customer’s physical traits and also their personality, which is impressive because material tends to come in textures and colours rather than levels of narcissism. As an added bonus you can also buy accessories for your mini me and suggestions include a pet or a guitar, though it would probably be more appropriate to order an iPhone and selfie rod, thus enabling your likeness to start its own Facebook page and Twitter account.

We already live in a world where a significant numbers of idiots feel the need to publicise themselves by taking pictures outside Auschwitz, at funerals or on the scene of accidents, which means the arrival of the selfie doll is not really that big of a deal.

Just try to remember that when one of your workmates insists their mini-me needs its own seat for the next office meal.


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