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Coffee shop epiphanies

During my second year at university I worked part-time at a busy coffee shop to help fund my studies. Despite the 5:00am wake ups and what seemed like a never ending queue of challenging customers requesting an extra hot, wet, skinny, decaf, half a shot latte, it was this job that taught me more than any other.

Firstly, it showed me the value of a pound and the lengths you have to go to earn one. I earned £5.99 per hour and I cherished every penny when it dropped into my account on pay day.

I learned what I want to do in life. The best way to find what your passion in life is, is to do something you dislike and to do it repetitively. It will galvanise passion and desire and soon it will become clearer what you what to spend your days doing. You will find yourself on a shift, fantasising about how you should be spending your time. I certainly never hated my job serving coffee and I am fully aware there are worse jobs in this world, but it wasn’t how I wanted to earn my living for the long term. Now, every day I work towards a different goal.

Thirdly and most importantly, respect.  No matter how rich or successful I may become in the future, I will always have respect for those who work behind a counter because their job is tough and it’s for very little money.

Working in a restaurant, cafe or anything with the general public gives us a work ethic like no other and I couldn’t recommend it enough. I use skills I learnt from my part-time coffee shop job every single day and my attitude has completely changed as a result.

Whatever job we are forced to do or have the luxury of choosing to do should never allow you become compliant and submissive. Everyone has the right to make a living from a job which they find fulfilling and satisfying. Every term of employment will teach you which path you need to explore and which to avoid.

So, coffee making might not be my cup of tea but I bow down to anyone who is willing to make me my usual; a decaf, extra hot, skinny latte.


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