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Coconut oil. My new friend.

You hear all the time of  homemade remedies. How they can be cost effective and also are a lot less harsh then all the chemical products you buy and spend a fortune on.

Now I am not saying either way is better than the other. I suppose that will all come down to the individual person, as it may work for one but not another.

I came across Coconut oil. I only discovered this when I changed my eating habits and how it is far better and healthier for you to cook your food in.

Delving more into coconut oil and its uses, I was quite surprised. You can use it as a moisturiser. It can also be used as a hair conditioner which will make your hair smell amazing. It can be used to remove your make up and if you add sugar into it you can make a scrub so you can use it to exfoliate your feet, body and face. As it doesn’t irritate the skin it can even be used on eczema. Which I suppose is worth a try if a child doesn’t respond to other treatments a doctor had prescribed. I will be suggesting it to a friend as her boy suffers and nothing seems to be helping.


  • Mrs Abby Mrs Abby says:

    We use Coconut Oil for everything at home including a natural remedy for my husbands Cystic Fibrosis! Amazing stuff :) xx

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