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A Closet Make Over

If you’re like me, you have a closet full of beautiful clothes but never want to wear any of them. Not because you’re a shopaholic, though you probably are that as well, but because nothing ever seems to fit right.

It’s challenging to say the least when you look back on photos of you throughout the years and think, “Gee, I wish I was as skinny as when I thought I was fat” because somehow you’ve managed to add another 15 pounds with the blink of an eye.  That skirt that you were in love with not two months ago just seems too tight now and your favorite blue blouse is buckling at the bust. “When did this happen?” you ask yourself, on the verge of tears staring at a closet full of clothes and finding you have nothing to wear and no room for new ones.

Well ladies, it’s time to take that mental step forward and do some housekeeping. Labels today mean nothing. An H&M size US14 is a Gap US10. I have three skirts sizes small, medium and large and they all fit exactly the same.  So stop worrying about how the number on your jeans went from a 28 to a 30 or worse a 32 because it’s not worse! It’s your body and it’s beautiful so dress it like it’s beautiful.

When you’re uncomfortable in your clothes you’re less confident in yourself. Self-confidence will help you bring your weight back under control and back into your 28 skinny jeans. But fretting over the dress that you bought for when you lost the weight is the wrong way to motivate yourself.  There will be another dress in another store that will fit you perfectly and you don’t have to torture yourself over that extra bulge here or there. I’m a curvy girl who comes from a large breasted family so I understand wanting to where that tight fit dress or the horizontal striped top but realising that it’s just not right for me.  But what’s most important is that you like how you look and how you feel in your clothes.  So take a few hours, try everything in your closet on and I mean everything.  If it doesn’t look right in the comfort of your own home and your own mirror, then put it in the bag and move onto the next thing.  I promise you will feel cleansed and ready to start dressing in a way that makes YOU happy.

“OK Beth, but now what? I have no clothes and no money to buy new ones?”

To that I say Feh! Take those bags of clothes and bring them to a consignment shop that will give you cash, sell them on eBay or have a swap with your friends! There are ways to rebuild your wardrobe without breaking the bank. But hey, you just accomplished something really hard. You faced your daemons and now you should be rewarded so go splurge a little!  Just make sure, when you buy something, you love it, it fits like a dream and makes you feel beautiful. I’m the queen of buying something because it’s on sale and getting home and saying, “What was I thinking?” so don’t fall into the sale trap.  A great dress that makes you feel confident has no price tag. The cashmere sweater that is cozy and classy and makes you happy is worth a thousand cheap knits. You don’t need to spend a lot to feel good but don’t shy away from something if you love it.  Make it your reward!

So ladies, I hope this little tidbit of advice jump starts your wardrobe transformation and puts you on the path to loving your body and the clothes you put on it.  If you’re not sure about it, start small with your shoes or your handbags.  They’re just as much a part of your wardrobe as your pants and shirts.  Eventually you will get to a point where you see that you haven’t touched that green dress in decades and though it’s fabulous, it’s time to make room for the next fabulous green dress.

So move aside old tired wardrobe and say hello to the new and chic you!


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