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Christmas in a Box – review

There is something delightful about smelling like Summer, whilst being all snug for Winter. The latest product from Crabtree & Evelyn achieves this bliss.

If I wasn’t feeling the Christmas Spirit before, one look at this products exterior sets that warm fuzzy feeling upon me.

Enscribed with the message;


The front of the box is adorned with oranges and acorns, berries and flowers. The four corners are decorated with close up extracts from vintage maps. Far off places such as Iceland and Sicily and finished off beautifully with delicate gold gilding. The box itself would be present enough!

There is one clue to what treasures are contained within, in the finest Gold Lettering, the words ‘ROSEWATER.’

Clean and elegantly presented, my box of treasure contains ‘Rosewater bath & shower gel’ and ‘Rosewater body lotion.’ Each bottle is romantically illustrated with a pink rose, similar to that depicted in the Disney fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast.


After the feast for the eyes, the smell is sure to follow. I hoped I wouldn’t be disappointed as presentation-wise, this product cannot be faulted. Thankfully, my relaxing bath was heaven scent. Fresh and clean with subtle floral notes, I was transported to an English Garden in springtime. The body lotion equally matched its partner. A velvety smooth texture, perfumed with rosewater that just melted into my skin and was not cloying or sticky. I found it to be the perfect moisturiser and I have quite dry, sensitive skin.

The final recognition that this was a keeper was when the compliments came;
‘Mmmm you smell lovely’
‘What’s that you’re using? Smells gorgeous’

Crabtree & Evelyn succeed in mixing the enchanting and whimsical with simple and classic fragrances.

So whether you want to indulge yourself this Christmas or treat a loved one, be sure to go to http://www.crabtree-evelyn.co.uk/home.html

It’s true what they say; the old ones are the best.

(All of these views and opinions have been my own and products kindly donated by mentioned company)


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