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In light of March being the month of #dechox and the fact that I’m trying to eat healthily in the run-up to my April wedding, I thought I’d share with you a poem about what I want to eat most…

Swirling velvet on an overwhelmed tongue

Dangerous and delectable.

We know we shouldn’t, but we do anyway,

Because sometimes, we just have to.

Sometimes, we can’t help ourselves.

We walk by a shop

And it calls to us in a seductive, melting tone

A Galaxy, Mars, or Toblerone.

We drag our feet inside

Almost as if to declare to the world

‘Look! I can’t help it!

It’s dragging me in of its own accord!

See, I’m trying to¬†escape

But it’s just too hard!’

We use up our last bit of change

For a taste, no matter how small.

Straight to our thighs but we don’t care

We’ve a place to go and it will take us there.

Cramming it in

As quickly yet as elegantly as possible

(We still have an image to uphold).



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