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Child beauty regimes

As the weather gets colder and our skin is covered by layer upon layer of clothing to keep out the chill, we can give our razors a rest and say goodbye to a strict hair removal regime for another year! Everyone does it, right? Does a bit of prickle really matter when it’s covered with jeans? But with the media reporting that mothers are taking their daughters, as young as nine years old, to the salon for hair maintenance, are we getting a little vain when it comes to having silky smooth skin all of the time? And are we passing that vanity onto our children too early? At nine years old, surely the last thing on your mind is whether your underarms are fuzz free? When I was 9, I’m sure I didn’t even have any hair there to begin with and I was an early developer! Some salons are now offering waxing to young girls, including under arms, legs and even bikini lines.

On the for side of the argument, girls can potentially be bullied in schools for their lack of hair care, especially when a lot of primary schools offer swimming lessons as part of their curriculum. Think of the embarrassment when an unruly hair is poking out of your bikini briefs. But I personally think a child as young as nine shouldn’t be wearing such skimpy swimwear that if there was a little amount of hair there, it would be on show for scrutiny.

On the against side, nine years old is just far too young to be thinking about shaving, especially as the hair that is likely to be there is more often than not, practically none existent. Would salons expect boys as young as nine come in for a shave?

Parents always struggle to know at what age they should start allowing their daughters to develop beauty regimes and fashion styles, whether that be wearing make up, heels or even getting their nails painted. I know that I had many an argument in my childhood with my Mum about whether I was old enough to do the things I saw her doing to make herself look and feel good.

But I can’t help but think, we have our whole adult lives to contend with the annoyance of razors, epilating and waxing. Surely the later the better?


  • This is such a tricky subject. You want your kids to be kids but at the same time you want them to be happy with their appearance. I do think shaving at that age shouldn’t be encouraged however. I do believe growing up is getting much harder because they are being exposed to so much more then when we were younger (although I am only 24!) I just think it’s a case of reassuring them that there body will change and as long as they are happy that’s all that matters. x

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