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Chatty Men- The Lines That Pull?

The dating game is one of the hardest game to play. And putting yourself out there to meet new potential partner can be a daunting task.
Ladies, how many of you have been subjected to a chat up line or two? I bet we can all remember one or two instances, but then ask yourself, how many lines have actually worked?
God loves a trier, and here are the best chat up line gems my friends and I have experienced first hand. Brace yourselves!

Straight To The Point Guy – ” I Like Your Face”

No messing around with this guy. He has barely evolved from the cave man days. “Me man, you woman, like face, let’s go?”At least you know how he feels I suppose.

Romantic At Heart Guy – “You Have Something In Your Shoe… Oh It’s A Beautiful Woman!”

This guy has clearly seen one too many rom coms, and wants to sweep a girl off her feet. At least there’s hope for a modern Prince Charming ladies.

Utter Filth Guy – “As Long As I Have A Face, You’ll Have A Place To Sit”

Excuse me, while I just vomit. What was this guy thinking? And which other guy told him that if you say one of the dirtiest thing I’ve ever heard come out of someone’s mouth to a girl, he has a chance of getting lucky? And they say romance is dead!

Over-Confident Guy – ” You Do Realise Under All These Clothes That I’m Naked.”

Behind this guy you will probably find a big group of his mates egging him on to say something naughty to that lady over there! Man points all round. Pulling Power, Zero!

Cheeky Chappy Guy – *guy comes over and downs girl’s drink* ” Well I Better Buy You Another.”

Get past the fact that you had a drink and a stranger has just consumed it in front of you, as long as he buys you another, I reckon he deserves a little bit of attention for trying that cheesy line.

Charmer Guy – ” We’re So Similar, We Have The Same Hair And Eye Colour, Let’s Compare Numbers”

This guy has such a way with words. Every girl loves a charmer once and a while (actually this line worked a treat on my friend, she married the guy this year!)

Bang On Trend Guy – ” Is Your Name Barry Scott, Cause I Want To Cillit Bang You”

Very clever, coming up with a chat up line that ties in with popular culture. Wonder how many hours he took to come up with that line?

And Finally…

Utter Filth Guy Strikes Again – A Guy From Ireland “Do You Have A Little Irish In You… Do You Want Some?”

Enough said! Pass me a bucket.


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