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Celebrating ladies

As everybody should know, March 8th was International Women’s Day. This is a glorious day dedicated solely to celebrating the powerful, gorgeous, inspirational, brave and individual ladies from all around the world. A day to celebrate women is immensely important as it shows forward waves for feminism and equality and gives women the recognition they deserve for all the amazing things that they achieve and the lives that they lead. It is also a day to talk about the issues, to discuss what more needs to be done so we can achieve equality between both men and women and all the different women and people around the world.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate women all day, every day!

    1. Read up about the issues, whether they are local to you and affect you personally or are about women from around the globe and the struggles they face in their daily lives. It’s more fun to celebrate International Women’s Day once you know why it is needed and why it’s so important!
    2. Google all the celebrities, male and female, who identify as feminists and read about why they are proud to be so. People love celebrities and feminism is such an important movement that it is so exciting to see the two go hand-in-hand. Search for how people celebrate International Women’s Day and what they are doing to make a difference.
    3. Show some social media love! Awareness is at the root of all important causes, so spread some love to all the ladies that you can get the word out to so that they feel special and important too.
    4. Spend time with the inspirational women in your life who mean the most to you, such as your mum, your family members and your friends.
    5. Watch a film or a TV show that has a strong female lead, mainly female characters, or was written, directed or produced by a woman (shows like Broad City, Girls and The Mindy Project are starred in by the women who wrote them!) to support the artistic talents of the women who are taking charge of entertainment.
    6. Do the same with books, as there are so many about empowering female relationships (A Thousand Splendid Suns, Little Women) that will make you feel inspired and want to join forces with the women in your life for more happiness and joy.
    7. Listen to your favourite female artist and dance around, scream the words, maybe even tweet some lyrics and love to let everyone know what a musical genius this woman is.
    8. Read up on all the women through history who have changed the world and have contributed greatly to making things how they are today, for without them we would not be where we are now. Many women have fought to make a change, have pushed the boundaries of society through their incredible achievements, and have demonstrated the power of females.

Though things are getting better, equality is still not present, even in privileged western societies, so therefore is much less present for women in third world countries and other parts of the world. This is why International Women’s Day is still so important and will continue to be. Everybody should show their love and support and appreciation for all the women they know and don’t know in achieving their dreams and accomplishments and living the best lives.


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