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The Career Pulse

I feel like we all have that career story, the one that starts out with:

“Well, I didn’t go to college for this.”

“I kinda fell into it.”

“I’ve known that I wanted to do this my whole life!”

I’m almost certain your story falls into some variation of these statements. No matter what lead you to where you are today in your career, there was a drive that lead you there. I like to call this The Career Pulse. It is a feeling that runs through your veins, letting you know that you are following the right path and truly doing what makes you happy.

But, sometimes it is a journey to get to that point. We don’t all graduate high school at age 18 knowing what we want to do for the rest of our lives. (How are you supposed to know at that young anyways?)For most of us, it takes going through college or not going through college, and experiencing the curveballs that life throws us in order to truly learn who we are and what we want to do with our lives.

For me, I got pregnant while studying at a fashion design program in New York City, withdrew to get married, and then finished my degree in Fashion Marketing. It wasn’t until my internship for an upcoming fashion blog that I realized this was the best way to marry my two loves: fashion and writing. I fell into the world of blogging and freelance writing and have figured out how to properly utilize my skills to turn my passion into a business.

For some it is a challenge to figure out how to get to that point, no matter how young or old you are. So here are some points that will help guide you to get to where you are feeling that career pulse pumping through your veins.

Dream big. Allow yourself some time to dream. Think about your life and how you picture the perfect version of it. What would you be most happy getting up and doing every day? What excites you and keeps your engaged? Here is the kicker—take money out of the equation while you are dreaming. Think about what would make you the most elated to do every day if money weren’t an issue. Would you work for a charity helping people? Would you be singing on a stage in front of thousands of people? Allow yourself to get lost in the thoughts of what could be—the options are limitless.

Make a list. It might sound silly, but sit down with a pen and paper and jot down these thoughts that you dreamt of—make them tangible. During this step you need to let your dreams meet reality.. How will you take those dreams and bring them to life?

Do your research. Now it’s time to get behind the computer and be very practical about your career expectations. What role would you like to play? What is the typical salary? What are the chances of getting hired in the area that you live? Map it all out and really plan out the steps that you need to take to achieve your career goals. Everything is possible as long as you are fueled by the right research and planning.

Create your path. Navigate through these uncharted waters and create your path in life. This is time to map out your step by step plan to putting your career into action. Don’t skip steps and don’t be lazy. Follow your path in this world through planning, dreaming and research and you will be on the road to happiness in your chosen career.

How did you get to where you are today in your career?


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