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The Canyon that is Grand

 Wow. Just wow. I have never seen anything so big. As the nun said to the bishop… sorry, force of habit.

grand canyon1 grand canyon2Seriously. The Grand Canyon is crazy cool. I can’t emphasise it enough. But unfortunately, I have to report an illness. Kate drove from Vegas till we had about an hour left to go. She did really well but was tired so we swapped over. The closer we got, the nicer the roads were. Less deserts and more pine trees and it was much cooler. The closer we got, the worse Kate felt.

We paid $25 to get in the park. I was really pissy about this as I live in a national park at home! For free! But then realised this pays for free parking and a free bus shuttle to get you to the best bits without dying of heat stroke on the way. I was so excited. I’d planned to go see the sunset from Mather point, quite close by, which boasted one of the best views with the added bonus of not sweating your ass off. That did not happen. Kate felt worse and worse. She was dizzy, bloated (visibly bloated, sorry Kate) and felt nauseous.

A nap! Surely a nap would cure all these things! Nope, ten minutes into the nap she was wide awake, jumping out of the passenger seat to run and throw up behind the nearest rock. Attractive. She’s the nurse! I had no idea what to do. With no phone signal, I was ready to get a park ranger, who, by the way, actually wear those hats. I’m sorry to say, it was funny. She lost her flip flops on the way. Her new flip flops, as a child stood on her old ones in Vegas and they fell apart. Needless to say, we did not go very far.

Today she felt much better and didn’t throw up once. I let her sleep and didn’t go see the sunrise. I would have liked to go on a small, very small hike. But it was far too hot and meh, hikes. We took the bus, went to the visitors centre, got some postcards and sent some postcards. If we took your address before we left, you can expect one soon.

Not too far from here we got out first view of the Grand Canyon. I can’t describe how huge it is. The other side is miles away and it actually took my breath away. Does anyone ever look up at the stars and just feel tiny because there’s so much up there? I had that feeling. I’ve never seen anything so big. It goes on forever. Each place we visited on the bus (did I mention the buses are all green, the buildings solar powered and the bathrooms use recycled water? Yup, super cool place) had a new and incredible view.

We went to a geology museum. I’ll admit, not usually my thing, but it’s destination was picked by the geology guys back in the day. They felt it represented the best geology/view/other stuff of the canyons. They did well. Everyone should have to come here once. Apart from some rude people in the cafe and Kate being unwell, this was the best part of the trip so far. Truly epic. I’ll come back here with my children one day. Failing that, my nephews, nieces or godchildren. If worst comes to worst my cats maybe, but I will show this to anyone who will listen. Starting with you, my literal tens of readers.


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