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Can you guess this well known children’s film?

I, like many of you, am on occasion guilty of using the television as a temporary babysitter, in order to get things done. It’s not a regular occurrence; we spend more time making playdough dinosaurs (I make an awesome triceratops) than we do in front of the box. But just once in a while, I need to get the housework done or some other chore and I let my little ‘un chill in front of the TV for half an hour.

Of late he has developed a distinct favourite film to satisfy his viewing pleasure. A classic kids film that both adults and children alike can enjoy. I confess, I enjoy it so much that more often than not we end up snuggled together watching it and the housework gets neglected for another day. But after this afternoons viewing, of what I consider to be a great, innocent and morally commendable film, I got to thinking about the content from an outsiders perspective. Looking at this film on a basic level, perhaps I should think again before letting my two year old watch it.

See if you can recognise this kid’s film from my description… the answer (to follow) might just surprise you! Please bear in mind that I love this film and am not actually suggesting this is inappropriate, everything is written is in good humour and just for fun, (from a very literal perspective, out of context) so enjoy!

Right from the start it’s positively pornographic, with a lady making smutty remarks and indecent proposals to the male character. Very suggestive, considering he’s not the only man she shares a room with! This is followed with a horrific scene shortly after, in which an innocent man following orders gets trampled on in action and is left crippled.  Then we get into the main plot and the protagonist attempts to entrap his rival, almost killing him in the process. This results in the protagonists so called allies, immediately turning on him and branding him a traitor, isolating him from the group. The disgruntled protagonist then goes on to have an out and out brawl with his new rival. Public fighting on the street? Not a healthy image to be portraying to youngsters surely? Let’s not forget, there is a whole section of the film devoted to a psychotic sadist who mutilates and abuses for kicks. That’s really creepy viewing, I can tell you. Particularly the scenes where you see the outcomes of his surreal experiments of modification. Plus he literally blows one guy up and further plots a really sinister plan to murder one of the main characters.

And although very well portrayed, conveying a huge depth of emotion, the scenes of disillusionment, where one of the lead character’s realises his shortcomings and falls into a spiral of depression, are perhaps too emotionally charged for kids viewing. He has a mild psychotic break in which his subsequent self loathing leads him to risk his life in a stunt that causes a horrific maiming accident.

Then there’s the one scene that genuinely does scare my littlun and results in him peeking out from behind the covers; when the vicious dog attacks and tries to rip the man to pieces. Terrifying! Then it’s a high speed car chase, during which there isn’t a seat belt in sight. The lead character’s reckless driving leads to a multi car pileup, which he is clearly oblivious to as he continues to speed down the road.

 Overall this supposedly innocent film has an overarching theme of jealously and betrayal so can you guess what it is? Comments below ladies.


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