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Bye, I’m going…

Two years ago I decided to change my life, without taking anything or anyone with me. I had an apparant compelte life: a relationship with many long term future objectives, a job as a journalist, my friends from always, and my family nearby. But something within me said there was something more to live than just this. And every morning I would wake up and go to sleep with this feeling.

I was 23 years old and was thirsty for knowledge and adventures. Many times I would imagine myself packing my suitcases and catching a plane to a far away place. It was an idea which fascinated me and at the same time scared me. But, I decided that it was much easier to risk it and live it, rather than ignore it. Thus, I began working long extra hours at work, I stopped buying clothes, wasting money uneccesarily, and occuppied myself exclusively with saving money during a few months. I didn’t tell anyone, because I felt like if I told someone, they could disencourage me from my adventure. And that was the last thing I wanted.

On just a normal day and already with sufficient money to live in a new country for a few months, I bought my flight to Buenos Aires. Though I didn’t know the city, I felt it was there where I should be. I was certain of this, like I had never been before. The most difficult part was communicating my decision. It was a complete surprise and shock for everyone. They tried to change my mind, many others believed that I was going to regret it and return, but at none of these moments did I think of giving up. I know that for many it was crazy, but for me it was feeling ready to fulfil one of my dreams: starting from zero, far away from everything and anyone, and finally discover who I was and what I wanted.

Weeks passed, and with a bag which didn’t even reach seven kilos, I got on a plane to Argentina. Like Paulo Coelho would say “When you really wish something, the whole universe conspires in favour of it” and I can say that I was very lucky because in addition to fulfilling one of my biggest dreams, I discovered things about myself which through another method I would never have discovered.

During these two years of adventure at some point I starved, cried, begged for a job, I learnt the value of a true friendship and family, and I also fell in love. I have dramatic and funny stories, but the best of them all was without a doubt learning so young that there was an incredible strength within me, and that I was able to achieve whatever I proposed myself.

Today I know that to live outside your comfort zone, one needs to be conscious that everything will be lost and there needs to be strength and courage to able to bring things back to normal. The only negative aspect is that I was never able to live life the way others expected that I would. Today I am going to be happy!

I believe that each one of us has our own dreams, but if there is something that I know, it is when you want something so so much, we will end up getting it. I bleieve that whatever the dream is, there does not exist any impediment: not your age, or our family, or money. We were born by ourselves and we will die by ourselves, so who else should we make happy besides ourselves?


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