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Bye bye Brazilian, you need pink pubic hair!

I think it was probably 10 years ago now when I first heard someone mention having a Brazillian, with others raving about a Hollywood. I am of course talking about pubic hair and the choices us women make every time we have a bath, shower or go to the beauty salon.

Different salons call the waxing choices by different names but they are usually referred to as:

  • A ‘Hollywood’, ‘European’ , ‘French’ or ‘Full Monty’ is the removal of all hair.
  • The ‘Mohican’, ‘landing strip’, ‘Sphinx’ or ‘Brazilian’ is removal of all hair apart from a rectangle in the centre, hence the landing strip.
  • A ‘moustache’ is the removal of pubic hair except for a wide, rectangular patch across the width of the area.
  • The ‘American’ is a small triangle shape that follows the curves of the body but is short enough that it would not be seen through a bikini.
  • A ‘natural’ style is just that, there may be some trimming but the hair is left as nature intended.

There are so many choices and it’s certainly a woman’s prerogative to change her mind or her hairstyle(s) as often as she chooses.

When I first heard the word vajazzle, I had no idea what it was. After Googling (which I’m not sure I would recommend) I found it was a beauty treatment for a rising number of women feeling who obviously felt that their ‘lady bits’ just weren’t sparkly enough. The task for the beautician was to make the area more alluring and fashionable by adding some bling.

A form of genital decoration, the vajazzle (a merge of the words vagina and bejazzle) is usually completed on a shaved or waxed vagina and is achieved using crystals, jewels and vaginal glitter. Now I don’t think I’m alone here when I say I had no idea vaginal glitter even existed.

While some women opted for a classic, simple design some ladies chose to make their lady garden a wonderland of colour and texture.

If that wasn’t enough now we have the option of colouring our pubic hair in a variety of colours.

US company Betty™ offer a range of colours to suit your requirements from Blonde, Brown and Auburn to a Hot Pink or a Bridal Blue. Pitched as great bridal gifts I’m not sure blue pubic hair dye would’ve been my bridal shower gift choice. What’s even cooler (or perhaps stranger, depending on your viewpoint) is that you can also buy stencils, just in case the electric blue isn’t shocking enough. With stencils offered in a variety of shapes, would you have a pink heart, a black bow tie or a green dollar ? Choice choices! I can see the ‘fun’ in doing something like this but to be honest, I don’t think it’s for me.

Whilst it might be fun to be ‘Hot Pink’ for a day, I’m sure it would be time consuming and as those roots start showing… ARGHHHHHH! I barely have enough time to dye my head hair in peace!


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