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How to build your dream career…

Many women work simply to make money while doing the things that they actually enjoy in their spare time, off the clock. However, do many of us really stop to think about what we are doing with our lives and why we are doing it? The world today affords us more opportunities than ever but unfortunately many of us are simply not taking advantage.

A proud woman business owner once told me that leaving her day job to pursue her business was the best decision that she ever made. But even if you don’t have such lofty goals as wanting to own a business, it is still possible to build your dream career. All it takes is a shift in your perspective on what it means to earn a living.

Seize the Day

As women, we often neglect what we really want in favour of doing what others ask of us or think that we should do. When it comes to your career, if you are not satisfied with the direction that it is going, the first thing that you should do is ask yourself what you really want.

Do you want a job with more freedom so that you can pursue other interests or spend more time with the family?

Do you simply want to earn more than you are currently earning?

Do you want a job that makes better use of your skills and talents?

The answer to these questions should help you figure out the next steps.

Make a Commitment

If finding your dream career requires some planning, then you should start by figuring out the initial steps to put you on that path. If that means taking classes to get the proper certifications, doing some networking to get access to the right connections, or making time to start the job search, figure it all out. You may have to rearrange your schedule or get help from family and friends so that you have more free time. Whatever it takes, the bottom line is to actually get started.

Take a Look at Your Hobbies

Are there things that you do in your spare time that you would enjoy doing for a living? If you love crafting, music, or any other hobby that could potentially be lucrative, then start looking into ways to monetize your hobby. You just may find that you can get paid a lot of money for doing what you already love to do for free.

Why Finding Your Dream Career Matters

While you may be afraid to get started on finding your dream career, you should know that it was one of the best decisions of my life (other than deciding to marry my husband). When you have a career that you are truly passionate about, every work day becomes a challenging goal to be accomplished rather than a burden to be dealt with. Think about that carefully the next time that you wake up for work and I hope that you decide to make the right decision!

Let me know what steps you have taken to find your dream career…. I would love to hear from you!


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