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A broom and a black cat?

Spending a morning with Rebecca Irvine, dialoguing our opinions on our personal beliefs, was not anything I had ever had the foresight to imagine. I, a Christian, and Rebecca, a Witch, certainly are at odds on the topic of spirituality.

Meeting across a vast sea (Rebecca lives in the UK and I live in the USA) through Women Make Wave’s online site, we have little in common. She’s a young, pretty, busy mom and I’m a homebody, old-ish and truth be told, fat gal. What a pair we make! We share a passion however…we are writers extraordinaire (in my extremely humble opinion!). I am a follower of her prose and vice versa. It seemed to be destined that we would chat. Reading several of Rebecca’s articles in print on being a Witch, I certainly was intrigued with her and her passion. My mother, the Catholic, would have smacked me upside the head if she was still with us and knew that I was learning about Witchcraft!

I’ll admit that my initial reaction to Rebecca was, “oh-my-this-woman-is-a-kook!”, but far from that, she is a lovely lady – bright, outgoing, personable and compassionate. Deciding to share our philosophies, we met via email one morning and went at it. Back and forth, we debated without a goal of winning, but with the goal of understanding. http://womenmakewaves.co.uk/ocean-apart/ (We shared this via WMW, found it went viral, had T-shirts and dolls made in our image, were interviewed on a variety of television shows, were the featured topic of international news and each made about 9 million dollars/pounds. Ahem, NOT!) I found this tennis match of sorts to truly be enlightening. Yes, there were moments when I felt frustrated. “Damn, why can’t she agree to my outstanding rational?” And, “Why can’t I seem to express on paper what is so clearly in my cerebral cortex?” Yet, God forgive me, she had some awesome points. After oodles of hours, we reached an impasse. Neither was converting the other and it looked as if we had opened the proverbial can of worms. It would take us DECADES to finish this debate and I really had to PEE! (We are five hours apart in time zones and I had started at 7 a.m. with a gallon of coffee), So, we shook hands and hugged, figuratively. I ran to the bathroom – you British types say, “loo?”, I peed for about an hour, ahhhhhh, and here I sit… thinking about Rebecca, Witchcraft and doing what I always do. I WRITE.

(THNX BECCA HUN, <3 u!!!!)


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