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Brighten up your summer reading with Cheerz!

You have all your warm weather clothes sorted, the suntan lotion is ready to go and now all you need to do is pick a gripping book to read during the lazy hazy days of summer. There is nothing worse then forgetting your place in a book and if, like me, you generally hate turning the corners of the pages down, because it feels a bit like sacrilege, then Cheerz can help!

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http://www.cheerz.com let’s you create amazing and cool things with your pictures and Instagram snaps, so everything is totally personal and unique to you. I LOVE pictures and if I could have my way I would have them displayed everywhere in the house and around my desk! They capture memories you want to cherish forever and instantly uplift you. There just isn’t anything better for making you happy than seeing the fees of the people you love the most beaming back at you.

To start the process of designing your ‘strips’, head to the website, which is super easy to use. You can add some text on the bottom too so you can include a sweet message if you want to use these as a gift for someone special. They also do ‘Cheerz Boxes’, which are sets of your favourite Instagram pics in a lovely little box, all printed out in a polaroid style and more awesome products to boot.

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When they arrive, they come in a cute little sleeve and you even get a free fridge magnet that says ‘Say Cheese’. A really lovely touch!

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Now you will never have to worry about losing your place in your book this summer and the people you love the most will always be with you!

To get yours, head to https://www.cheerz.com/

(All opinions expressed have been entirely my own and not influenced by anyone else. Products kindly given by the respected company)


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