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Breaking up with nap time

My dearest nap time, it’s been a great two years. We have shared some precious moments and I will keep these fond memories with me for years to come. The thing is, we just can’t do it anymore. I’ve been clinging to you for too long but in truth, you now cause me more problems than you solve.

I must admit, it’s been getting harder for months, gone are the days where we would rejoice in two hourly bursts of solitude, morning and afternoon. I will always remember pottering around, folding baby clothes, drinking hot tea and indulging in a spot of mind numbing daytime tv. Lately though, just an hour, once a day, it’s not been enough. The house is messier now that the little ones are mobile, there hasn’t been time for us to enjoy each other. The deal breaker however, is the girls don’t need you anymore. They’re growing up, we must embrace it. They fight you, they are too inquisitive to want to nap, the world has so much excitement for them, why would they want to sleep and miss it? It’s too hard now, enticing them to sleep, it’s too much pressure for all of us and don’t get me started on their post nap moods.

I’m not saying that we are done forever, we might have a few more encounters along the way, but it can’t carry on like it is at the moment. We will be sharing our lives with something new now. I hope that you don’t feel replaced, but I think quiet time might just be what we’re looking for. I don’t know much about it yet, but I’m excited. I think it will be the right step for us. I know what your thinking, when will I change the beds, do some work, make those important phone calls? I don’t know yet. But isn’t parenting a journey? We’ve done pretty good so far. We will find our way.

So long and farewell nap time. It’s been a blast.


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