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A Brave New World?

I have only just joined the world of Netlix since doing that I have become obsessed with the documentary section. This is were I came across Brave Miss World a documentary about a woman called Israel Linor Abargil who, 6 weeks before winning the Miss World crown, was raped in Italy. It follows her journey 10 years on with her attacker up for parole she sets up a website to share her story which receives an overwhelming response from other victims, she follows these stories around the world in an attempt to bring awareness to rape and break the silence that is often forced on many of it’s victims.

This film really brings to light many of our society’s attitudes towards the victims of rape and I was so saddened to see that it was often not a good one.

The issue came up of a real rape case this really angered me! Like we would ever question if a punch to the face as real assault why would we ask if it was a real rape? This is not about asking if the person accused to such a crime is guilty but about how we brush off rape as acceptable if the victim where to know their attacker. Which is even more unreasonable when you see that 2/3 rape victims know their attacker. My feelings are this no means no whether you are knew your attacker, where intoxicated or went to another room with them if you say no and they continue it’s sexual assault.

Rape is not about sex is it about power and control. As we know this power and control is often used against women, we are also coming to a huge change in our world where women more than ever are being given opportunities and equalities like never before this I feel has cause a lot of fear so from that people seek to get rid of the fear by scaring and controlling others, rape just being one part of this.

The silence on this issue needs to be broken only by talking about this will we ever make any progress. Shame and rape should never be two words put together but we live in a world that tells people if you are attacked that you should think carefully about your case before coming forward, that is so wrong we should never feel that when we are abused people won’t help or believe us. They should be listened to without judgement or hostility.

We must all stand up show that we will not allow people to attack, abuse or victimise others. I feel it is my duty as a person with a voice, a woman and a human being that I make my stand that this is not nor will ever be acceptable.

Below are some support sites if you or anyone you know has been effect by these issues.



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