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My Bodychef journey – the final results

I have just completed a week on the Bodychef flat belly diet and the results are in. After following the plan for 7 days I have lost 3lbs, 2 inches off my waist and 2 inches from around my hips. I am very happy with these results. The best bit, however, is that I no longer resemble a dancing caterpillar whilst trying to get into my skinny jeans.

 When I started this journey, the ultimate goal was to lose some weight but so much more has happened. I have a smaller appetite, I am enjoying healthier foods and the thought of greasy, fried foods don’t even appeal to me anymore. I somehow seem to have been re-educated about the value of food, what is required by the body and the difference between good fats and bad without sitting through a single lesson. More importantly, I have given up white bread without even trying (or noticing till day 5!) and have broken the habit of reaching for snacks in the day and wine in the evening. I am really thinking about everything that I eat and drink now feel positive about making serious lifestyle changes.

 This plan is a brilliant kick start for any lazy dieter who needs to re-evaluate their eating habits, but like me, can’t stick to a no carb, sugar-free, juice only diet for more than 24 hours. Passing over the stress of planning and preparing healthy meals to someone else makes it so much easier to follow and reduces temptation, lets face it all you have to do is eat the food with the correct day and meal time on it, simple. This week has also given me plenty of healthy meal ideas that I can now continue to replicate at home to try and maintain the weight loss, making me feel like this is an investment, not just a diet that will only work whilst I pay the fee and follow it to the letter.

 I would highly recommend this diet as a kick start or to be carried out on the run up to a big event such as a wedding or a beach holiday as it produces fast result without making you feel starved, stressed or deprived. I have enjoyed many meals throughout the week but my favourites have to include the peanut butter on toast, salmon and avocado salad and chocolate pudding. Even now I can’t fully understand how I have lost weight eating these foods but I do feel confident I can continue with a diet similar to this.


Ultimately, a diet like this is not cheap and if you still have a partner and children to feed it is going to seriously increase the cost of your food bill, if however you live alone or have the spare income to complete a diet like this then I must say I felt it was good value for money. All the food was fresh, good quality and large portions. Add in the cost of the time it takes to plan, prepare and deliver the food and it’s a reasonable price. If you would like to give them a go then we have an exclusive discount code for 15% off, just use code WOMENMAKEWAVES15 at the checkout.

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