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Body confidence is…

As you may have seen, we have joined forces with Jst Jodie, the fitness supplement company owned by Jodie Marsh, to offer one lucky person a gift basket of products, worth a whopping £200. If you haven’t seen or entered the contest yet, you can do so here.

The crux of the competition is finishing one sentence: Body confidence is…

Having seen the answers being posted already and the constant discussions of body image on the plethora of social media sites, I have started to really consider what body confidence means to me.

Do I wish I could motivate myself to exercise a little more? Absolutely. Do I sometimes wonder why I ate an entire pot of pick ‘n’ mix? You know it, but am I unhappy? No. I’m not a size 8, and never could be naturally, but I’m not wishing my days away hoping to magically wake up one morning half my size. With this thought in mind, I guess, to me, body confidence is not constantly thinking about my figure or being preoccupied with how I look.

Can it really be that simple though? Can confidence be boiled down to simply not being too concerned? For me, yes but I understand that it means other things to other people. Let’s take our competition sponsor as an example. Jodie Marsh has spent a considerable amount of time, dedication and effort getting her body into the best shape it has ever been. Prolifically honest about her motivations for training, Jodie’s body is a testament to what can be achieved and she says that she feels more confident now than ever before. Let’s bear in mind that she has long been a lusted after figure, with a slender physique, but it is now, with muscle definition, that she feels happiest.

I don’t think I’m cut out for the more ‘ripped’ look. For one thing, I just don’t have the urge to train that much and knowing that I am a static size twelve. regardless of what I eat, leaves me pretty content. Of course, I have been slimmer, but I noticed my happiness levels didn’t increase. If anything, I just got a little too preoccupied with getting smaller, so although I can’t enter our competition, here is my answer to the question…

Body confidence is… waking up everyday in the same skin that I went to bed in and not feeling a drastic need to change.

What about you? Enter our competition and let us know what it means to you. You could win a £200 hamper and it’s free to submit your thoughts, so let’s hear them!


  • Cheeky_chaz1992@hotmail.co.uk says:

    Body confidence is making someone feel good about themselves. Really want this for my holiday in May!!

  • kate.fielder@mail.com says:

    Body confidence is…me being happy with me and you being happy with you xxxx

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