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I love Valentine’s Day, quite simply, because I love, love. I concur that it is something that should be given and felt every day, but as the intrinsically selfish beings that we are, a little reminder never hurts.

Even when faced with the absence of a romantic prospect, I get to spend it with my true soul mates – my friends. Because after all, roses are red, violets are blue and vodka is cheaper than dinner for two.

Last year’s boyfriendless, love-and-booze-filled Valentine’s Day with my favourite gal pals gave me the perfect opportunity to laugh over a story that had once brought me to tears – the day my boyfriend gave me a blank card.

There was no ‘To Jordan’ across the top left-hand corner, no ‘From shall remain nameless’ scrawled across the bottom and, evidently, no love. Forget the flowers and chocolates, I’m a woman of words, so being given a card without any left me with none of my own. Whilst my vocal chords faulted, my face stepped up to the plate and, as it twisted itself into a look of confusion and curiousness, was met with a baffling explanation.

He didn’t mistakenly stuff and seal the envelope, thinking he’d already signed it. He wasn’t faced with a crisis-level pen shortage. He simply believed that the pre-printed message said everything that he needed to. Two lines of mass-produced generic dribble summed up our four-year relationship and even compensated for not having to write my name.

That Valentine’s Day I was brought to tears but taught the most valuable life lesson; I realised that love doesn’t mean a thing without consideration and respect and the people who don’t give you all three don’t deserve to play such an integral role in your life.

The most important person to give love to and feel love from is you; and we could all use a little reminder of that every day of the year.


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