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Blame Satan!

A perfect excuse for everything.  Do harm, do bad things, do really bad things, but it’s not your fault. It’s all because of Satan. You wished only good, but he did it! He made you to do it!  And you are just a weak lamb that, oh, you just had to do that, against your own will, against your common sense.

This is not an attack to any religion in general, but the acts by some Christian individuals who are abusing religious beliefs. I do respect everyone’s faith, beliefs and choices, but what I do not understand and never will, are violence and hypocrisy. Hiding mean intentions to further your own selfish goals, while hurting other people and using a religion as a cover, is something I can’t buy at all.

Pre-marital sex. I wanted to be pure, but Satan made me sleep with my great love. And my second love, which was, by the way, even greater, oh and the third, the fourth… not my fault as I already said. You got a womb cancer so you are certainly cheating on your husband, according to some karmic notions. If your blood sugar is high, you talked against a priest. You crashed a car, it’s because, he, Satan, of course, did it. He didn’t like the colour of your car, probably.  Tights. Yes, as in hosiery. There are a lot of articles circulating the Internet about how tights are Satan’s product. They are made for sin, to delude men and the women who wear them are evil whores. You are wearing black, so Satan already possesses you, that’s for sure and if you have a skull motif somewhere, or if you are different in any way, you are definitely on the ‘other side’. A dark side, without a question. When you get married and that falls apart, it’s because of Satan and pre-marital sex, needless to say. Recently,  I have run into some articles about how to raise Christian daughters in which it is stated that they should not go to the college because they could not be a good mother and “good Christian men know they are not at all marriage material.”

The list of things like this is endless, but what is the most interesting of all, is that the list doesn’t apply to them. They are exceptions and they choose which ‘rules’ to follow and which not. This would not be a problem if they didn’t have an effect on other people. In a world where we all say there should be zero tolerance for abuse, why do we turn a deaf ear on things like the examples above. Are they not verbal harassment and stigmatising, based on poor assumptions? Yes, we live in a free world and everyone is allowed to speak freely, but where is the line between speaking about religion and invading others privacy, while creating a twisted misperception and ruining other people’s lives? When do we start to fight against these individuals who show nothing but hate, jealousy and narrow minds?

            As I heard, Jesus promoted love and grace for everyone. I am not an example of good Catholic as I do not go to the church or believe in that shit they are trying to inflict, although I believe in God, the Universe or whatever. And in Love. Love does not do any harm.


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